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new tires?(5 posts)

new tires?niklas
Jul 28, 2002 10:57 PM
My old ritchey trailmixes are worn out and need replacement. I'm looking for a tire that works on both off and on road. I ride 60% road, 40% trails. Any recommendations on a good, light tire for my purpose?
Any recommendations for upgrades on a 2yr old bianchi axis :)
re: new tires?atpjunkie
Jul 29, 2002 6:55 PM
look for the Specialized team x Baldy's. A good on/off road tire. Go look through ebay. Usually tire deals there.
re: new tires?Velocipedio
Jul 31, 2002 9:51 AM
Cross Baldies are my favourite semislicks. If you can't find them, look at the Kenda Kwiks. The tread is almost exactly the same, though the max pressure is 80 psi rather than the baldies' 100 psi. Nashbar has wire bead Kenda Kwiks on sale for $9.99 right now...
Axis upgrades?The Walrus
Jul 31, 2002 2:13 PM
I put a little more low-end in the drivetrain for trail riding; the 36/32 was OK, but I swapped out the small ring for a 34 and the cassette for an 11-34. I've never needed to go that low, but with my middle-aged, diabetic carcass it's good to know I have it. Only other thing I'd like to do is get some of the Paul's brake levers, but that'll have to wait until I have a job. Oh, and the best upgrade of all? Get rid of that WTB saddle! Tossed mine before I ever took the bike for its first ride
re: new tires?niklas
Aug 4, 2002 11:02 PM
thanks for your answers!