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Training Question - TTs/CritsJakob
Jul 26, 2002 10:21 AM
I have heard that it's important to race crits in preparation for 'cross racing, but I was thinking the other day that time trials might actually be more useful. My thinking is that in 'cross races it's rare that there will be a ton of surges and I find my self usually going all out for as long as I can. Also, it is rare to do the whole race in a group. Similar in the way that a mountain bike race might be more like a tt, it seems like 'cross races are more like a tt than a criterium.

What do you all think?

Partly,I am trying to rationalize not racing crits because the stories of crashes and broken bones make me want to avoid them. I mean, I am willing to start doing them if they are really going to help. But if crit racing is only marginally helpful, it doesn't seem worth the risk and potential medical bills. Again, I really have no idea if my thinking is correct.

Get well soon, LFR!
re: Training Question - TTs/Critsgbecker
Jul 26, 2002 6:23 PM
Both crits and time trials are very beneficial in preparation for 'cross. Crits are great because of the intensity level (heart rate/etc) is similar to cyclocross racing. Both cross races and crits are generally very fast from the gun and you need to have both your body and mind prepared for it. TT's are helpful because you have to go out and make yourself hurt (once again like 'cross). You need to be able to generate a high energy output for a sustained period of time.

Both crits and tt's are very beneficial to having a sucessful 'cross season and as for your weekday training: Lots of intervals!!!!!

As for you fear of crashing in crits/etc my best advice is to stay near the front of the group. The middle to back of the bunch is where most of the trouble usually is.