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Nothin' like a 700x45 in front...(12 posts)

Nothin' like a 700x45 in front...GlowBoy
Jul 22, 2002 10:24 PM
Finally got to try my new 700x45c Panaracer Smoke on the Central OR trails this weekend. Sweeeeet! This tire rolls over everything. I took it on a trail that had dozens of downed fencepost-sized trees left over from last winter, and I swear this bike goes over 'em at least as well as my mountain bike.

Believe it or not, this fattie-fat-fat tire fits in the Volpe's fork with plenty of clearance. Not true for the rear - the 38c Ritchey I tried in back rubbed the chainstays in hard corners, so I had to go back to my 700x32c Conti Twister. Great tire, but pretty skinny for a lot of the sandy trails in Central Oregon. Guess I'll have to find a good 35c.

Any recommendations of good knobby 35c 'cross tires?

- Dan

(p.s. a close eye will note my unorthodox experimental drivetrain: as described by Sheldon Brown, I've got a double-single-speed setup. I'm using the 38t and 28t chainrings, with 23t and 32t in back. This gives me two gears: a general purpose gear with a ratio of about 1.7, and a very low 0.9 gear for extended climbs. The derailleur is attached to the bike - I still ride multigeared on the road - but is not in use in singlespeed mode, nor is the 48t big ring. I do use the 48t for a completely different singlespeed configuration: with an 18t Shimano DX cog for commuting. This was all very easy to set up thanks to the Volpe's horizontal dropouts. Much more info in my recent cross-post on the Singlespeed board at
The Mich Mud is a great 35mm knobby.Alex-in-Evanston
Jul 23, 2002 7:02 AM
They call it a 30, but it ain't. The Geax blade is awesome, but melts away like ice cream if you ride it on the road at all.

Mich Transworld Sprintflyweight
Jul 23, 2002 2:15 PM
Check out the Transworld Sprint. Same tread as the Cyclocross Sprint but comes in fatter widths (including a monster width that has to be at least 45mm) Another bonus point is that it's an all black tire, not that green color. Only downside is that as far as I know it's only available in a wire bead though the weight doesn't seem all that bad.
Big tires rule.Tony Montana
Jul 23, 2002 5:21 PM
I started riding bigger cross tires last winter, and I'll never go back. I recently got some of WTB's Mutanoraptor 44's - great tires. They have excellent traction, yet still roll very well on the road (much much better than the semi-slick IRC Mythos CX tires that I ran previously).

As far as your question I'd have to second the other poster's call for Michelin's. They sell them as a 30, but they are more like a 32.
I'm a little scared of the Michelins ... convince meGlowBoy
Jul 25, 2002 11:11 AM
I've seen a lot of people on this board complain about repeated problems with flats on the Michelins ... is their puncture resistance as bad as some say? And if it is, are the Transworld Sprints any better?

This is a definite concern for me because I sometimes ride in goat-head country. Of course I could always put in SpinSkins, but that's a pretty major expense.

- Dan
I'm a little scared of the Michelins ... convince meflyweight
Jul 25, 2002 3:20 PM
Transworlds use a different casing than the Cyclocross series. The Transworld series is designed for touring/commuting use. I haven't had any problems yet. Of course I never had any problems with the Cyclocross tires either (besides a relatively short treadlife)
re: Damn scaring small children...jrm
Jul 26, 2002 6:14 PM
Never had to run something so large. looks brutal.
Man, you're almost a 29" pilot!Jan Gerrit Klok
Jul 27, 2002 10:08 AM
My brand new 400mm Surly fork (big thanks to you guys over here tipping me about it!!!)*just* accepts a WTB 29" Nanoraptor, an awesome tire in dry stuff. I use this from setup on my commuter mtb right now. It will also work with the Motoraptor, a more agressive treaded tire that seems to require jsut that little bit less clearance. I don't think the IRC Notos 29" will fit in the fork, but I only have one and that's mounted latex-tubeless (mayor technological revolution) so I can't try it in the Surly fork yet.

Absolutely great to have a 2" cushion up front, for extreme riding, don't you think? Totally blows away the 26" frontweel it replaces. The 400m Surly and 29" wheel/tire exactly match the height of a +-70mm travel 26" setup, so geometry is still very sound indeed. I could post a picture, but the bike is just too ugly and dirty to post, you can't imagine!
... aww, c'monGlowBoy
Jul 30, 2002 11:32 AM
no bike is too ugly to post. You should see the pics of my old MTB that I posted on the SS board.

Yep, running fat tires on my 'crosser has me absolutely convinced that my next mountain bike MUST be a 29"er.

A Surly 'cross fork on an MTB, hmm... I understand that your geometry is good with your 29"/26" setup, but how's the ride? When you're on rough terrain do things feel mismatched, having a 29" in front that rolls over everything and a 26" that doesn't as much?

- Dan
Mismatched tiresflyweight
Jul 31, 2002 12:30 PM
Mismatched tires are nothing new. Many moons ago Cannondale and many other builders would use a 26" tire in front and a 24" tire in the rear on their mountainbikes.

29" MTBs are awesome. I've been lucky enough to ride around on the Fisher SuperCaliber 29" and it rocks. Especially with the Marzocchi fork with the lock-out. Next year they're doing a Sugar 29" which sounds like overkill though it could be the ultimate ride for super-long epic rides and 24 hour races.
... aww, c'monJan Gerrit Klok
Aug 1, 2002 10:28 PM
IMO, the ride has improved dramatically. From a barely ridable bike for offroad due to lack of functioning front derailer, to a monster truck that will just take all obstacles on the big ring anyway.
Mismatch? Yeah, when I look at myself riding the bike, in the mirrorring shop windows, my rear wheel looks sooo tiny!
Also, when I hit any obstacle, sound and feel be like : "boom-BOOM", as the rear wheel just almost stops dead on it, while the 29" front just rolled it without effort.
And yes, that Surly CX fork in my MTB is a mayor "hmm...", but it hold up swell and is in fact heavier and shorter than the mtb fork it replaces.

In a few days I hope to have a Alex Disc-only rim laced to a deore flangeless hub, to put in the Dimension Disc-only fork of my spare 26" racer. That will allow me to really go to the max with the 29" front, in a bike I have ridden to my best two results this year.
Kenda Kross Supreme 35/37mm fits perfectly in backGlowBoy
Aug 2, 2002 12:40 PM
even with my rear wheel fairly out of true, is quite a LOT wider than the Continental and has a pretty aggressive tread with big horizontal bars. Plus it only cost $10. It's the same tire that comes on the Redline Conquest, and even has the Redline logo stamped on it. This weekend I'll see how well it holds up.

- Dan