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What wheels do you recommend to compete in cx?(2 posts)

What wheels do you recommend to compete in cx?MEDINA
Jul 20, 2002 10:12 AM
This is the question that I consider now in my process to obtain the best cx bike that with my money can buy...
In a lot of photos from world cup and superprestige I see that a lot of people use wheels sets with rims of high profile like Mavic Cosmic, Zipp or Spinergy....(I don´t know if in english it´s call "profile"...sorry...). What do you think about that?

re: What wheels do you recommend to compete in cx?atpjunkie
Jul 22, 2002 7:22 PM
a high profile rim provides stiffness (and some weight)
over a regular rim, usually they reduce that weight with a reduced spoke count. This doesn't affect the rims strength as they usually use a flat spoke which can be laterally stiffer than a regular spoke. For the money, still if you want the swank wheel I'd go with the Mavic Classic SCC's or Open Pro Ceramics (or if you want more stiffness CXP's) with the hub of your choice. The Classic SCC's have rim that is/or is similar to the Open Pro with a hub with staight pull 3X spokes. I'll take this set up (especially if you aren't a flyweight) over any other
fancy wheel out there. Good Luck