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Tire clearance question--please help!(2 posts)

Tire clearance question--please help!ralbert
Jul 18, 2002 5:50 AM
Hi. I'm converting a road bike to a cross bike. i've got an IF fork coming, so i can put whatever tire i want up front. however, i'm not sure what to do in back. i can EASILY fit 27mm wide tires (vittoria tigres--love them for commuting) within the chainstays and brake calipers, with adequate room for mud/leaves.... i could probably fit a lower profile 30mm tire though (like the bontrager, or MAYBE the mich sprint), but i will lose my mud clearance. my question is, will the 3mm matter enough to outweigh the mud problem? is this a weather-specific thing, where i'll want the mud clearance in the wet and the big tire in the dry conditions? or, in the mud would the 3mm be a better thing to have? thanks for any advice!
re: Tire clearance question--please help!jrm
Jul 18, 2002 7:20 AM
If it's a road frame chances are that the brake arm clearance is goign to dictate how large or what type of configured tire you can use. IMO, maybe a 30 or 32cc tire with a round profile.