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single chain ring....(4 posts)

single chain ring....buffalosorrow
Jul 16, 2002 7:21 AM
what are the pro's and con's of a single chain ring set up?

keeping cost down (lacking inner chain ring and front deraileur)
Am I at a disatvantage using 8s rather than 9/10s?

re: single chain ring....climbo
Jul 16, 2002 8:05 AM
Pro's: no chains sucked or dropped, no shifting required in a race. Just pedal HARD !!

Cons? No bailout gear? I use 9 speed with mine. If you are worried about using only 8s instead of 9s or 10s you should have 2 rings up front. As long as you have the range you need, you should be fine.
re: single chain ring....triangleforge
Jul 17, 2002 8:21 AM
Pros -- Better in mud, fewer chain drops, less stuff to break, and simpler, which is generally an advantage in cyclocross where so many bad things can happen mechanically. Single ring riders definitely get style points in my book, for what that's worth (OK, next to nothing, but still...)

"Not Necessarily" Pros --

Price: It's probably not going to be cheaper than a two-ring set up, unless you've already got all the parts lying around and can home-brew the rest. If you want to run a single ring with chain guards on either side, it'll run you $99 at for the T/A set, if you can get it. You may also need to change your bottom bracket to get the chainline right.

Weight: Again, if you're running double guards, it'll likely weigh nearly the same as a two-ring set up w/ front derailleur. You'll possibly save some weight with the shifter, especially if you're removing an STI or Ergo lever and replacing it with a standard brake lever -- however, you can achieve much the same thing by shifting the front derailleur with a bar-end shifter (I use an old SunTour Bar-Con friction shifter for the front), so weight's likely to wind up being a toss-up.

re: single chain ring....atpjunkie
Jul 17, 2002 1:21 PM
eight speed is fine. use a MTB derailleur so you can use a big MTB cassette like a 12-32 and a 40 front ring. Use a bar end as well and you'll save some weight plus look like a freak (a good thing in cross) See style Points above. The money you save on the front derailleur will go to the guard set up. Big on the less to break and since most run a 39 for their little ring a 40 isn't much different. I'm building my second cross bike like this presently, 8sp XT, single ring w/ 1 bar con. I like the 8sp chains better as I'm a clydesdale and tend to break chains. Campy 10 scares the life out of me.