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48t outer ring for Campy cranks?(17 posts)

48t outer ring for Campy cranks?Velocipedio
Jul 9, 2002 5:54 PM
Who makes or sell one of these? I have a 39/52 crankset that I want to turn 39/48.
re: 48t outer ring for Campy cranks?climbo
Jul 10, 2002 4:45 AM
you'll be lucky to find one of those, maybe TA makes them? That's tough with Campy cranks, you might be better off switching to Shimano cranks to get the rings you need for cross. 130BCD outer rings are available in many sizes.

I run Campy too but I only use one ring and it's a Shimano 42. Your main problem is that the demand for these types of rings is not big enough so nobody makes them.
TA makes a 49 ring for Campy, that's the lowest I could find nmclimbo
Jul 10, 2002 4:52 AM
What about this?Velocipedio
Jul 10, 2002 5:23 AM

Cyclocrossworld says it has a 135mm Specialites TA outer ring in 48t. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm thinking that i could just get the Campy crankset and retrofit this ring. Does that sound plausible?
If they sell them, you are fine.climbo
Jul 10, 2002 5:34 AM
all you have to do is take of your 53 and whack on the 48 and you're set. Adjust your front der. also so the clearance is good and ride !
What about this?James A
Jul 10, 2002 12:00 PM
I have a 46 T TA ring on my Shimano crankset and it works great. The ring is plenty beefy and it shifts great (ramped and pinned model)
re: 48t outer ring for Campy cranks?Eric Marshall
Jul 17, 2002 4:54 AM
TA makes them. I have a 46 on my Campy 9 drivetrain
and it works great. I don't know why you'd want a 48
over a 46 though :-)
curious xcross newbie questionJohnG
Jul 17, 2002 6:15 PM
I can't figure out why you want a smaller outer ring. I can see wanting a smaller inner ring but 39 is it for the 135mm Campy cranks.

Oh, I'm building a cross bike and had planned on using a spare 53X39 Record crank.

Over geared for crossBipedZed
Jul 18, 2002 10:14 AM
With 30mm or wider knobby cross tires and dirt/grass/mud/gravel surfaces, a 53 outer ring is simply too much gear.
Over geared for crossEric Marshall
Jul 19, 2002 10:40 AM
Additionally, the larger tooth difference between the two chainrings with a 53 outer (53 - 39 = 14 vs 46 - 39 = 7) increases the likehood of a dropped chain while shifting, especially during sloppy conditions (mud, snow).
hmmmm, here's my thinking on thisJohnG
Jul 28, 2002 12:58 PM
So Ca conditions are basically mud free so not much concern re the front shift difference.

I'm also planning on running a 13-29 C10 cassette so having the 53-13 really isn't that tall of a gear.

Planned use for the bike is occasional racing (So Ca) and lots of fireroad and road use.

Any comments???
Find out for yourselfBipedZed
Jul 29, 2002 12:49 PM
Have you actually ridden cross knobbies on dirt? On a sandy/grassy/muddy cross course? If you can use a 53 without constantly cross-chaining more power to you. You will be a stronger man than most pro cyclocross racers and members of this forum.
I wouldn't do that.........JohnG
Jul 30, 2002 6:58 AM
I plan on using the 53 almost exclusively for road use and the 39 for dirt.

Cross knobbiesBipedZed
Jul 30, 2002 8:30 AM
Cross knobbies have much higher rolling resistance than road tires, especially on the road. Maybe something like a highly inflated Ritchey Speedmax with a file tread may be the lowest rolling resistance but even using that tire I never spun out a 48T on my winter road training rides.

For racing you will want the maximum available gearing possible as you make transitions from the dirt to asphalt and back. Using a 53 will severely limit your options. Some courses may be smooth hardpack where the 39 will be too small, but the 53 will be too big. There's a reason why most racers run a 48T or smaller for the big ring, it gives you more gearing options.

I think you will find yourself rarely using the 53 even on the road. Now if you plan on riding road tires on the cross bike then that's a different situation entirely.

Just my advice.
that makes senseJohnG
Jul 30, 2002 2:51 PM
I do have the 32c Rithchey Speedmax Pro's coming in. I'm also using a 13 tooth cog as my "high" gear so the gearing won't be real tall. When you say you haven't spun out a 48T where you thinking in terms of a 12 tooth rear cog???

I'll grant you that a 53-39 jump is fairly large and it will be interesting to see how that works when the 'heat' is turned on. I know I really like my 42-53 crankset for this very reason. I give up a bit of flexability in terms of spinning up hills but I get a nice return when it comes to fast front shifts.

There's also a good possibility I'll throw my "roadie wheels" on the bike once in a while.

thanks for the input!
curious xcross newbie questionVelocipedio
Jul 19, 2002 5:29 PM
The main reason is to have a good power gear that I can actually use. Assuming you're running a 9sp 13-26 cassette, I think you'll find that you'll almost never use 52x15 up to 52x13. If you're running a 12 or 11 cog, then you'll have even more gears that you'll never use.

48x13-16 give me good, high-end gears for power in the dirt, and since I won't be able to use 39X13, the 48x16 is a good alternative for the same ratio. In effect, by down-gearing a cyclocross bike, I get a better range of gears that I can actually use.

In fact, I think that most people's road bike are over-geared with a 52t in front and a 12t in back. Unless you're Mario Cipollini, a 50t with a 13t small cog is a more realistic high gear for a roadie.
re: 48t outer ring for Campy cranks?mackgoo
Jul 25, 2002 7:37 AM
T/A does make a 48, I have one bought last year. I bought it from SDEALS, you should be able to get one from