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my plant x(5 posts)

my plant xjmdrobni
Jul 5, 2002 12:59 PM
just thought i would post a pic of my plant x, just got it about 1-2months ago, and absolutly love it. just did the firecracker 50 in breckenridge CO, on it yesterday. i was the only one on a cross bike, and i was great, i don't know how many people called me crazzy. i was running 40's front and rear and never had a problem with traction, although lower gearing would have been nice. i even passed some people on the downhills. it was nice to show people that you don't need the fatest tires with the best suspension, to ride a bike offroad
re: my plant xseamus
Jul 5, 2002 4:02 PM
Nice machine. I've been tempted by a few IF's with the same paintjob on ebay, but I already have to mighty nice cross bikes and the girlfriend would kill me if I got a third. Two questions for ya...

You said you're running 40's...which ones? I'm itching to skin the narrow cross racing tires for something more trailworthy like that.

Two, looks like you've still got road rings on there. Do you use that thing on the road, too?
re: tiresjmdrobni
Jul 6, 2002 4:25 PM
just put the 40's on there, used to have some verdistien race tires and they wore down real quick. i have a pair of irc mythos slick and a pr of ritchey alpha bites. they are both rated as 40's but the irc's are a bit wider. i haven't put a bunch of time on either of the tires but they are wide and are knobby, what else could you want? yeah the bike is built up with dura ace and xtr. so i have a DA crankset with the road rings(double) and then i am runing a xt cassette, therfore my easiest gear is a 39/34, which hasen't been a problem yet except when i am behind a person who can go slower b/c of their lower gearing. yes i do use it on the road.... getting to and from the trails(10+ miles)
drivetrain questionKenS
Jul 7, 2002 10:06 AM
I bought a planet x that has a drivetrain set up for the lowlands. It has an ultegra 52x39 on the front, an xt derailleur on the back with a 12-25 road cassette. I was thinking that the easiest way to make the bike more hill worthy was to switch to an XT 11-32 or 12-34 cassette. Did you have any fit problems with 12-34 cassette?
drivetrain questionjmdrobni
Jul 7, 2002 11:07 AM
no, no problem. just make sure you have a long cage rear derailer.