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how good are the old XT and XTR cantilevers?(9 posts)

how good are the old XT and XTR cantilevers?weiwentg
Jul 3, 2002 1:54 AM
I ask because I can't find any Avid Shortys back home. if it came to that I wouldn't mind getting some shortys in the US, but I'd like to know if the XT/XTR cantis are OK. I can get the XT cantis for a bit less than $20 a pair.
re: how good are the old XT and XTR cantilevers?MJ
Jul 3, 2002 4:35 AM
XT and XTR is top of the line mtb kit so should do the trick if it'll work on your frame
Good, when adjusted righttriangleforge
Jul 3, 2002 6:08 AM
The low-profile Shimano cantilevers (and, I assume, any lo-pro style would be similar) took me a fair amount of trial and error to get right, but worked very well once I had them set up correctly. To avoid some of the poking around in the dark that I did, start with a good description of canti tuning, like on Sheldon Brown's site, or (if it's still up on the web) Keith Bontrager's rant about cantis vs. V-brakes.

ditto nmgreg n
Jul 3, 2002 7:45 AM
P.S. on Cantis...triangleforge
Jul 3, 2002 10:21 AM
One tip that should save you a lot of the time I wasted -- I'd begin immediatly with a traditional straddle cable & cable hanger arrangement, instead of the "tube & cable" device that I think originally came with the brakes. (I'm not sure what the actual name for these things is -- basically, it's a V-shaped deal, with one leg of the V made of cable, and the other of cable housing, with an aluminum button at the point of the V)

The cable & hanger arrangement will let you try the brakes with a nearly infinte range of straddle cable heights, straddle hanger widths, etc., while the tube and cable things are pretty much one-size-fits-all, take it or leave it propositions.
re: how good are the old XT and XTR cantilevers?The Walrus
Jul 3, 2002 7:57 AM
I'd say they're as good as the Avids, IF you get them dialed-in. I replaced the terrible V-brake setup on an old Wazoo with LX cantis, and they work beautifully. Don't get hung up on XT or XTR; functionally they're the all the same. One guy I sometimes ride with has STX cantis on his JTS and he's perfectly satisfied.
I respectfully disagree...seamus
Jul 3, 2002 4:02 PM
I'd say they're okay, but not as powerful as many modern canti's. Maybe it's just my frame (Waterford x-22) but they're so low profile that even with the pads all the way out on the posts, they're not as powerful as the Paul's Neo Retro's I have on my other cross bike (Ritchey).

I've spent a lot of time dialing 'em in, and I'd say that compared to Paul's and Avid's I've tried, XTR's are a 7 out of ten. I think they were designed for slightly wider rims than what we all run on our cross bikes, so they end up positioned closer to vertical, where there's less leverage.
righto, thanks!weiwentg
Jul 4, 2002 6:09 AM
I think I'll still try to get the Avids ... but because I've already blown quite a lot of money on the cross bike, I'll get the XTs. Avids are $35 apiece at most online stores, and I can get the XTs cheaper. that is, unless anyone knows of an insanely good deal somewhere I haven't seen.
ebay? [nm]speedisgood
Jul 8, 2002 6:07 PM