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newbie questions(13 posts)

newbie questionssctri
Jul 1, 2002 2:09 PM
My appologies, I am sure this gets asked a thousand times, and it drives everyone else nuts in the general forum, but we tolerate it ok in the tri one, so i hope you will be understanding here...

I am new..
what do i need..
what should i know..
who can help me..

I come from an MTB background (not race, more N.shore BC style..) and road/tri...

re: newbie questionsMJ
Jul 2, 2002 12:11 AM
er, are those questions?

you need a bike (and a helmet)

you already know how to ride - esp. if you're tri and mtb.
if you look at the non-cycling discussion board there's lots of other things people think you should know

most people here are pretty helpful if you have specific questions - let's have 'em - what are you after?
you stole my half smart a$$ answersgreg n
Jul 2, 2002 6:06 AM
If you don't want to ask all your questions here, find an LBS that deals in CX bikes and has employees who race/ride them. (That helps.) They should be able to tell you about different set-ups and personal preferences.
well i suppose i deserved that...sctri
Jul 2, 2002 11:14 AM

Specifically, what kind of bike do i need, i am looking to build up a cheaper-ish cross bike for the winter...

Are there recommendations? what should i be looking for in a cross frame? canti-brakes and mud clearence? or is there more to it?

What type of rims should i run? and is a singlepeed cross bike a good idea? (mostly kidding, but am toying with the idea... )

Needs & wantstriangleforge
Jul 2, 2002 1:33 PM
You'll need clothing, too. Most promoters frown on nudity in cyclocross, though it may be different in some parts of California.

Seriously, a great place to start is with Patrick O'Grady's "Cross 101" website at:

He's got great info on how to convert a road or mountain bike in order to give cyclocross a try before taking the plunge into it credit card first. He also gives clear descriptions of the basic techniques you'll need to learn to successfully navigate barriers, run-ups and the like.

Welcome to the forum, and have fun 'crossing!

Needs & wantsatpjunkie
Jul 2, 2002 4:10 PM
look on ebay or here in the classifieds for a good deal on a CX bike. Use Time or Egg Beater Pedals. Learn how to mount and dismount. If you do tri's you already know how to run, just add a bike to your shoulder. Don't put aero bars on a cx bike. The lung bursting anaerobic hurlfest that is cross will be a new experience from the "save a little for the next portion" of triathalon. It will change you as a rider for the better. Good luck and Welcome
well i suppose i deserved that...MJ
Jul 3, 2002 1:52 AM
you can try the mtb. conversion first to see if you're bitten by the bug - the right tyres on a mtb. make a big difference

there's lots of frame recomendations around - what are your current rides? how are they specced?

for a new cheap bike look at Surly Cross Check and Kona Jake the Snake - for a better quality frame (and parts) buying used would be a good option

on a cross frame you want clearance and canti's - you may also want to make sure you can get guards and racks on - cross bikes can double up as great commuters and touring bikes - so you may want to stay away from cross 'racing frames'

some cross bikes have high bb - you get used to it but it can be unnerving at first (Waterford/Gunnar have low bb - but they're not the cheapest option)

wheels - open pros?

SS is sweet - I'm just building one now - it's an old cross frame - it's quite a commitment though... to one gear

I think there are more SS fans in cross than other 'bike disciplines' - for a high zoot SS perspective (with some good links) check out -

come back if you have more queries
SS absolutley possiblemuncher
Jul 3, 2002 8:13 AM
I am riding one now (well, not actually NOW obviously) an old Gazelle. Just pick you gearing to suit your terrain.

Not sure how competitive a ss would be racing though....

Get some info no SS and gearing etc here-

try a google search on singlespeed cyclocross,Pauli
Jul 3, 2002 1:07 PM
and you'll run across a good article on racing SS cross. Might be something you'd find thru the site Muncher references above. I'll try to find it and post a link. Few bikes are as aesthetically pleasing, IMHO, as an SS cross bike!
here's a good article on SS Cross:Pauli
Jul 4, 2002 10:09 AM
here's the article:

It's a good read, with pix of a sweet Kelly SS Cross.
SS absolutley possiblebuffalosorrow
Jul 4, 2002 8:09 AM
Check out the new cyclocross parts and frame listing @ I received their newsletter and checked it out, looks good.

Here is a list of cross bikes off the top of my head:

aegis- costly excellent carbon fiber
alan- bonded carbon fiber
bianchi- I like their steel true temper OX frames
cannondale- I would never buy one
colnago- ultimate eurocross, got one never give it up
empella- race ready eurocross, check out the new flat black
frame on
fort- eastern euro frames?
graham weigh- I own a frame, very good prices for custom,
gunnar- quality steel
GT- well a lot of messengers ride the track frames, I take one for a spin
Haro- BMX cyclocross?
ibis- steel dream
independent fabrication- steel master
kelly- west coast dream
kona- not too shabby
lightspeed- titaniun class. $$
lemond- great frame, parts dont match frame quality
lyonsport- steel custom
marin- not seen to many
monoc- UK frame builer
on-one - uk cyclocross
pinarello- italian cross
redline- some like em' some don't
rock lobster-
seven- titanium $$$
soma- steel beasts
spicer- check em' out
specialized- uh, no thanks.. don't like the zebra stripes
spot- great single speed cyclocross
steelman- classic steel american
surly- steel beasties
trek- not for me
waterford- classic steel
voodoo- cult like classics
too many others.....

The three bike I own are, Sakae Racing old school 6 speed road, Graham Weigh Single Speed w/ horizontal drops and braze ons for gearing/ cables etc and a Colnago dream cross. I use primarly campy components, raceface cranks, salsa bars & Time ATAC pedals.

re: Thankssctri
Jul 5, 2002 11:40 AM
Thanks, for all of the posts,
I plan to go singlespeed cross (building over the summer) and then doing a bunch of my training this fall on it, because it rains A LOT where i live, so i think it will be good muddy fun...
I'll post if it works out, or when i screw it up and need more help.

re: Thanksbuffalosorrow
Jul 5, 2002 2:42 PM
if you need any help, I should be finishing my single speed as soon as my levers arrive. Once completed I will snap a shot and post. Here are the list of components and where purchased:

Frame- Graham Weigh custom 50cm (
Fork- custom Graham Weigh (deeside)
Wheelset- Suzze Pro flip flop laced to Mavic CXP 30's (deeside)(yes I ride fix off road)
stem- ITM 110mm (deeside)
bar- Salsa bell lap (webcycyclery)
Headset- stronglight ahead (deeside)
crank- Raceface single speed (ebay)
bottom bracket- cheap shimano (local shop)
seatpost- selcof team (deeside)
saddle- flite titanium (deeside)
levers- campy record (deeside)
brakes- SRP grumpy (ebay)
pedals- time atac aluminum (deeside)
bar tape- either stella azzura cyclocross or cinelli(not purchased yet)

I am running 32: 14 for commuting.

Good luck