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Shimano WH-R535 wheels(2 posts)

Shimano WH-R535 wheelsbikesnotcars
Jul 1, 2002 8:30 AM
I guess these are rather new to the market, but does anybody have any experience or opinions as to whether these would make good CX wheels? I'm also a little concerned about maintenance and being stranded if they're not easily fixable out on the trail.

Thanks in advance.
re: Shimano WH-R535 wheelsTWD
Jul 2, 2002 8:13 AM
I've got 1500+ miles on mine with no problems. They wen't out of true after the first couple of rides, but I trued them up and they have been fine. I weigh 205 and ride my cross rig on just about everything I ride my MTB on.

Even though they have held up, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them. As far as I can tell, you can't get replacement rims (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong). So, if you damage a rim or wear one out, you're out for a whole new wheelset.

I live in the NW and typically wear through the sidewalls of rims very quickly. I've already got a deep groove in the sidewall on these after half a season. I expect that I'll get through part or most of next winter with these rims, then they'll wear through and I'll have to chuck the whole mess in the garbage.

They came with my bike, so I'm stuck with them until they wear out. For my money I'll stick with traditional wheels that I can rebuild when I want, with what I want. Oh, and the wheels I build don't go out of true after the first ride :)