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Tire unseats itself from rim!(3 posts)

Tire unseats itself from rim!punkassjay
Jun 29, 2002 12:28 PM
Hi folks,

Hoping someone can provide some insight on this one. I just put some new wheels with Mavic Open Pro rims on my Surly Crosscheck. While installing the new wheels, I also rotated my tires, a pair of Bontrager Jones CX's.

On my first ride out with these new wheels, I had ridden about 8 miles of mixed road and redwood singletrack when I started to hear this thwup-thwup-thwup sound coming from the back wheel. I stopped and looked at the back wheel, and saw about 4 inches of the tire bead had come off of the rim, and the tube was starting to poke out! The noise was from the unseated portion of the tire rubbing against the brake. Just as I reached down to let the air out of the tube, it popped like a gunshot, leaving a 2 inch gash in the tube. Normally I only ride with patches, but I had just strapped an old, multiply-patched tube to the frame to help with portage, so I managed to get myself home.

Anyone ever had an experience like this? I'm positive that I had checked the bead as I was inflating the tire...and I was only running about 55 psi (I weigh about 145). The tire is not old at all. Both the tire bead and the rim look fine right now, but needless to say I'm not real confident with this tire/rim combo.

Ideas? Suggestions? Admonishments? Words of wisdom? Many thanks.
re: Tire unseats itself from rim!bikesnotcars
Jul 1, 2002 8:26 AM
I had a similar, isolated incident about 2 months ago. I have Mavic Open Pros on my road bike and had just put Specialized Armadillo tires back on my wheels the night before. Next morning I rode into work and after about 8 miles had the tube come out of the rear tire. Stuffed it back in and finished riding into town. I've never had the problem before or since, and I attribute it to just not checking the tire well enough after I put it on. I expect it's the same with you and nothing to worry about.
re: Tire unseats itself from rim!punkassjay
Jul 1, 2002 8:01 PM
Thanks for the reassurance. I took the bike out this afternoon and had no problems, so I'll just chalk the whole thing up to my own damn stupidity.

Happy trails!