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new to cx, need bike opinions(2 posts)

new to cx, need bike opinionsdaneil
Jun 28, 2002 12:47 PM
I'm thinking about getting a cross bike as a compliment to my mtb, I figure that I can use the cross to train both on the road and on the dirt a whole lot more effectively. Right now i'm thinking about the Van Dessel CR Bob, the ss cx bike. Any impressions? Also where else should I look" I'm trying to keep the price down ($700 and under) so stuff like the XO1 and Cannondale CX bikes are out of the picture. Thanks guys.
opinions? you came to the right place. . .Jakob
Jun 28, 2002 1:12 PM
We got all kinds of opinions around here. Why are you thinking about a SS? If you're really looking for a versatile off/on road bike I would strongly urge you to save your knees and get some gears.

As for the $700 part, I just built up a used Surly frame for my wife and it cost about $850 total. I would suggest buying a nice inexpensive steel frame (surly, soma, jamis) and get some cheap parts (like a $10 handlebar from nashbar) and build it up that way. As you beat the crap out of the parts (and you will) you can slowly upgrade them.

I would look at all of the typical sites (pricepoint, cambria, performance, icyclesusa, chucks bikes, etc.) and you should be able to put a bike together pretty inexpensively. Good luck!