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Jamis Nova or Soma Double Cross?(7 posts)

Jamis Nova or Soma Double Cross?weiwentg
Jun 27, 2002 3:21 PM
right. I'm asking because my framebuilder seems to have dropped the ball on my custom frame. he seems to still be alive, but I can't seem to get to him.
so. which is better? the Nova is Reynolds 631, the Double Cross is 631 with a cromoly rear end.
well, Novas look nice...Pauli
Jun 27, 2002 6:28 PM
Sorry to hear about your framebuilder checking out on you. Not interested in any of the others out there? I've seen a few Novas, and they look like nice bikes, especially for the $$. The only Somas I've seen have been the SS/fixie town croozers, cool bikes!

The Poprad is a nice bike in the same price range (853 main/525 stays). You prolly already know this, but I figured it's worth mentioning.

Good luck!
the Poprad would be good, butweiwentg
Jun 28, 2002 12:25 AM
I don't fit. even the smallest one has too high a standover clearance. ditto C'Dale, Trek, Kona, Redline, and Bianchi. although the Bianchi is 'only' too high by half an inch.
ay, there's the rub....Pauli
Jun 28, 2002 7:37 AM
hence your original plan for a customer frame! I've got no experience with custom myself, but there are several cats on the singlespeed board with new custom rigs, and great feedback on them. Most of these guys do cross rigs too. Some are cheaper than you might think. Vulture is one of those who comes to mind. Curtlo, Teesdale, Sycip, IF, Rick Hunter etc... are all good. Sycip or IF might have a stock frame to fit you. Maybe Vicious too?

Good luck!
Another option...Velocipedio
Jun 28, 2002 10:04 AM
I had a custom cross frame and fork quoted at $800 Canadian [@ $550 US] by Marinoni in Montreal. The model is the "Fango," it's Columbus Zona steel, and they'll build it to your specs [I think the wait is 6-8 weeks now, but you can check]. I ride a Marinoni road bike and I 'm amazed at the quality. I've seen some Fangos around, and they look stunningly beautiful. The Wegb site is:

They don't list the Fango on the site, but they do build it for special order.
Another option...Velocipedio
Jun 28, 2002 10:06 AM
I should add that a fully-specced Marinoni Fango in your size would probably come in around 18 lbs...
ok, my builder didn't crap out...weiwentg
Jun 28, 2002 10:17 AM
phew. he just replied to my email. otherwise, I think I'd have gone for the Marinoni, although the end weight is probably the same.