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Source for 700x42/44 Mutanoraptor?(3 posts)

Source for 700x42/44 Mutanoraptor?GlowBoy
Jun 27, 2002 11:01 AM
It looks like my Volpe can run a 42c-44c tire in front with substantial mud clearance (actually, I think there might be room for a 29x1.9, but it would pretty much fill up the fork crown without leaving much space). I'm looking for a fat tire for off-road cruising, not for racing, so I'm not overly concerned about weight.

It looks like Ritchey makes the ZED in a 700x42 size, and the WTB Mutanoraptor comes in a 700x42/44. My first question is: does anyone have any experience with either of these tires? I'm leaning towards the WTB since it sounds like a more aggressive tread and gets slightly better reviews (for 26" sizes) at, but I'd definitely like to hear if any 'crossers here have used either one.

I've found the ZED at Webcyclery ($30), but I haven't found the 700c Mutanoraptor at any of my LBSs or anywhere online. So the second question is: anyone know where I can pick one of these up?

- Dan
29" riders like it for hardpackJan Gerrit Klok
Jun 28, 2002 11:04 AM
Don't know much more to tell about it myself, some of the members on would probably be able to tell you where to get them. At least I can you that QBP has them, so any self-respective LBS could order them there. WTB dealers have even better ways to get them for you.

A Motoraptor measures 47 wide and 52 high, could be great on your bike for general off-road use, while adding loads of comfort. Maybe you won't have troubles with the mud clearance. Surly forks are known to work ok with the WTB 29" tires...

Jan Gerrit
Wow! Found Panaracer Smoke 700x45 at my LBSGlowBoy
Jun 28, 2002 6:00 PM
(at Bike Central in Portland) for $29. This thing has big beefy knobs, looks like a mountain bike tire, and the 26" version gets good reviews at And at 540g, the weight seems reasonable for such a big tire. Clearance seems adequate with my fork - I have to let a little air out to get it past the brakes, but once it's in it still has about 3/16" of clearance at the tightest spot. Can't wait to get out on the trail and try it out.

- Dan