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Yesterday's RH Phillips Ride(3 posts)

Yesterday's RH Phillips Rideadventurefind
Jun 26, 2002 7:44 AM
It was fun. Thanks for coming over Jakob. Do you think I should include that one rocky downhill in the 'cross course? Should I make it more stressing by making it a run up uphill?

Kirk emailed me and said that he's going to go next week. He was busy yesterday with a friend from out of town.

Hopefully we'll have a larger crew next week.
re: Yesterday's RH Phillips RideJakob
Jun 26, 2002 8:13 AM
I had a great time riding out at the winery yesterday. Ernesto is a great host and it was really fun to ride with him. The terrain is mostly wider roads, similar to the wide open section at the Domaine Chandon CX course in Napa.

I think the races at RH Phillips will be really fun. As for the steep, loose, and rocky descent, I think it might be wise to make it a run up. Maybe we should try that next week and see how it goes. Uphill, I think it might be such a long run that everyone (except for me) will complain. Downhill, I shudder think of how I will feel trying to finesse that after 40 min of HR redlining.

I hope to see more people out there next week. This is a really great opportunity for all of us Central Valley, CA cross racers.
Jun 26, 2002 8:22 AM
Thanks Jakob,
I think the gazebo, where registration will be, will be a great spectator setting since they will be able to see riders come around the back of the building, then down, and towards the hills. I still have to refine and measure the course. The first race is still about three months away, and I want to feel comfortable with others in which way the course goes.