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Avid Shorty Squeal... sorry to beat a dead horse...(8 posts)

Avid Shorty Squeal... sorry to beat a dead horse...Steve_O
May 31, 2002 6:02 AM
Well... I thought I had the notorious Avid shorty brake squeal cured.

Steve_O "Avid Shorty Six squeal!!!" 5/20/02 9:52am

Unfortunately after another 300 miles the dreaded squeal returned with the soft compound pads that Avid sent me. Anyone have any new solutions? I like the brakes but the squeal can get down right embarrassing sometimes. Toe-in has worked with varying degrees of success but the squeal returns after some time.

Steve-O (considering Radius or mini-V's if I can't work this out)
re: Avid Shorty Squeal... sorry to beat a dead horse...atpjunkie
May 31, 2002 9:44 AM
mine started squeling as well after about 100 miles. Oh well I'll use it like a trail bell, love the brakes I'm just going to live with it
re: Avid Shorty Squeal... sorry to beat a dead horse...peter in NVA
Jun 1, 2002 7:27 AM
I once tried the super,super soft Ritchey Blue pads, they didn't help and ground down after one muddy ride. I ordered the Kool Stop Salmon colored pads which I think will fit my Avid Shorty 4c's.
The main spring on one rear brake broke last week and Avid has no replacements or pads, for that matter.
I'm going to chance riding my road bike in the dirt today with 700x23 Mich Axial pros (bringing several spare tubes!)
You might be surprisedSteve_O
Jun 3, 2002 10:08 AM
Last weekend I visited a friend who moved to the Chicago suburbs and did some riding on a section of the Prairie Path. The Prairie Path is a crushed limestone trail that weaves around the metropolitan area here.

There were several sections with singletrack off to the side. Even some roots and nice little downhill. I rode it with 700x 25c Conti Gatorskins and was surprised at what I could do. Shifting becomes very important as you won't have the traction that you do with typical CX tires...

Of course the Avids were screaming on the downhills but that's besides the point... I'm planning on making a trip to Home Depot this week to see about shim material for these brakes.
re: Avid Shorty Squeal... sorry to beat a dead horse...KEN2
Jun 4, 2002 8:19 AM
I just use the stock pads but toe them WAY in. In moderately hard braking, perhaps only the front 2/3 of the pad contacts the rim.

When the front half of the pad wears down from toe-in, I reverse them. After that, replace. So far no squeal in 500+ miles per side i.e. 1000+ miles total.
maybe worth a try...Steve_O
Jun 4, 2002 11:41 AM
During the initial build I toed in the pads using a business card as a spacer between the pad and rim. After some squealing I tried a credit card as a spacer and that seemed to help, but not for long. Avid's soft compound replacement pads were next and they have lasted the longest without the annoying noise.

Perhaps I will revisit the toe in and see what happens...

maybe worth a try...KEN2
Jun 4, 2002 2:04 PM
I'm talking a couple of pennies-width toe-in here... I'd rather wear the pads and turn them than have that godawful squeal. I ride my 'cross bike daily as a commuter and I swear it's more dangerous when they squeal because I subconsciously feather the brakes rather than just stopping normally.
Jun 6, 2002 9:32 AM

I took your advice and did some massive toe in (I used a Nickel as a shim). I lost some of the braking power I had but you are correct. The squealing is eliminated unless I really grab hard on the brakes (with my commute hard braking does occur quite a bit!)...

I'll give it some long term testing and see how it goes... In the meantime I'll continue to give Avid some feedback until they can give me a solution (hopefully)...