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Seeking : CX fork with LOTS of tire clearance (no custom)(3 posts)

Seeking : CX fork with LOTS of tire clearance (no custom)Jan Gerrit Klok
May 30, 2002 3:19 AM
It's for use with a 2.1" tire, I'm doing a 26/28-29" bike project. To keep a healthy geometry with the rigid fork with 700*2.1" wheel, the fork musn't be too high, so I'm asking here for tips.
Someone once got a 396mm Ritchey fork to work with the 2.1" tire, but I have a 405mm that won't due to a high crown.

To make a decent fit, axle-bottom of crown height should be 370mm. Easier : fork height- crown height = 370mm. And then of course with enough to give the phat tire some room.

I can get a 44cm tandem fork easily, but that one would be as high as a 47cm 26" fork, disturbing the geometry on my 26" mtb.

Does anyone know a fork that could work for me and the 29" tire?

Thanks a lot!!!

Cloxxki aka Jan Gerrit Klok
re: Seeking : CX fork with LOTS of tire clearance (no custom)Frank Tuesday
May 31, 2002 7:26 PM
Couple of ideas.

1. Surly cross fork. Cheap, steel, enough room for big tyres. Not much extra space though. My friend has had his 29x2.1 tyre in with no problem. I'm not sure about their avaliability in Europe thought.

2. Pace RC 31. Yeah, it is a mountan bike fork, but it is big enough for 29". Dropout to crown height of 381mm, lightweight, super plush for a rigid fork, disc ready which eases switching from 26" to 29" or if you want rim brakes, the posts are moveable so you could set them up for either, and in fact could move from one to the other. Downside:
1 1/8" only. Could be a factor depending on your plans. I'm close to 250 lbs (110kg) and ride this fork on a fixed gear mountain bike. It is wonderful.

re: Seeking : CX fork with LOTS of tire clearance (no custom)Jan Gerrit Klok
Jun 1, 2002 2:11 AM
Thanks a bunch!

It just so happens that I work for , the Surly distributor, but I had no Cross-Check here to try fit a wheel into at the moment, all sold out. I only got my 29" tires very recently and started looking.
I'll make sure to keep one Surly fork reserved for myself, it's only 400mm high which would would great for my commuter bike, giving me effectively a 431mm axle-to-crown, compared to an mtb fork with 26" rim.

May the mud be with you,

Jan Gerrit Klok