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Hydro Canti's(3 posts)

Hydro Canti'sevant
May 21, 2002 12:59 PM
Has anyone used Magura Hydro Canti Brakes? The brakes mount to standard bosses, and are esncilly HS-33 brakes but have Hydro "aero style" brake levers. Opinion/comments/quams/advantages?

re: Hydro Canti'satpjunkie
May 21, 2002 7:35 PM
monster brakes. a little heavy. my friend swears by them and I've tried his. Magura Hydro Canti's with road levers. If you are not a weight weenie get them, max pucker power but be careful. If not set right they can crush a light rim.
re: Hydro Canti'sTWD
May 22, 2002 9:20 AM
I'm running them on my road tandem and they work very well. They have more than enough power for skinny tires.
They're strong enough to flex the tandem's fork and seatstays.

A couple of things to consider though. They can't be used with STI type levers. They are strong enough that they will flex a lightweight cross frame and fork a good bit which reduces braking performance, so I'd highly recommend getting the Magura brake boosters.

They are also a pain in the arse to setup the first time, especially if you're frame or fork doesn't have alot of clearance. The evolution adapters that brace the calipers to the fork or seatstay may not clear larger cross tires. I had trouble with this on the rear of my tandem. It does have narrow seatstays and I'm running 700x28 slicks so this may be an isolated case.
If you do get them make sure you can return them in case they won't clear.