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frame fit question ... again(2 posts)

frame fit question ... againweiwentg
May 17, 2002 3:47 PM
all right. the story is this: at 28", my inseam is too short to fit me onto ANY stock bike, even a 42cm Surly Crosscheck. I am not kidding you.
there's a 46cm semi-custom Gunnar Crosshairs at the LBS. I can stand over it with maybe half an inch of clearance. the rest of the bike is fine - TT not too long and all that. the thing that worries me is the standover clearance. is that enough? am I even going to be able to dismount? the mechanic called Gunnar, and they said yes.
if not, what other options do I have? don't tell me to call Seven, now, that's a bit out of budget :)
frame fit question ...buffalosorrow
May 20, 2002 6:41 AM
At a 28" inch inseam, I strongly recommend a 26" tire and a moutain bike frame. Or a custom 26" cyclocross. Reason being that your inseam and 700c cross tyres are close in size and your handle bars will ride very high compared to your saddle height.
I have posted a while ago my Graham Weigh cyclocross w/ horizontal dropouts, currently I am running it as a single speed. I looked into a 43cm cx frame reynolds 531 and a 853 teardrop downtube complete with Campagnolo veloce for a quote of under $1000 US, this includes custom sizing, paint; for my girlfriend whom has a 28" standover.
I am very happy with my GW. If interested please email, you will speak to Andrew. They are located in the UK, and of utmost professionalism.
The website is