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Campagnolo cyclocross questionsVelocipedio
May 16, 2002 8:21 AM
I suppose this is something up Macgoo's alley, but I thought I'd spread it out...

I have a 2001 Kona Major Jake [105/Tiagra mix] that I love very much. It's a great ride and fits beautifully, but I'm not overly excited about some of the down-spec components and the super-heavy fork and I've been thinking of upgrading to a Campy drivetrain [I'm a Campy guy on the road].

My GF, who is also a cyclist has been getting jealous that she doesn't have a 'cross bike, since she's a fan of the sport and would like to have something for the bad weather in fall and winter [not to mention spring, but I won't go on about the cold, rainy weather we've been having].

Cool! I love a woman who loves my sports.

So... this is what I'm thinking... I could shop around for a good, used 'cross frame [anyone have a 49 cm frame cheap?] for my GF, buy some Campy components [Centaur/Daytona 9-sp, probably] and use the 105/Tiagra components on my Kona to build up her bike over the summer. [I've always wanted to build a bike from scratch, so this could be a fund project.]

So... I have some questions...

1. I actually rather like the Sugino 48/38 crankset on my Kona, is there anything stopping me from using it with Campy 9-speed? If not, where do you get a Campy 48/38 crankset?

2. Can a Campy 9-speed cassette mount on a Shimano hub, or, can one use a Shimano cassette with campy 9-speed? [Interchangeability of wheels would be a bonus.]

3. Can I use Centaur/Daytona ErgoPower shifters with a Veloce FD, or Veloce shifters with a Centaur/Daytona RD?

4. Non-Campy question... Is there anything [aside from headset dia.] stopping me from taking the Kona fork on my 52 cm frame and putting it on my GF's smaller frame, with a shorter head-tube? I want a new fork, anyway...

Much of this is to be able to build a bike from available components, if I can't find an affordable Campy full group.

Any ideas?
some answerslonefrontranger
May 16, 2002 10:11 AM
Sounds like she's a keeper, wish there were more gals that raced 'cross out here because the races can be kinda boring sometimes with just three of us :-) I ride a 49cm actually, but no, she can't have my Dream Cross!!! Too bad I don't still have my old Redline, but it would probably have been too big for her anyway (I had maybe 3cm of seatpost showing).

Answer #1: yes, use the Sugino - the 9-speed stuff will work fine. Assuming you're bottom-swing, the Campy front mech will work with any ring size you want to use. You'd have to go TA, Dimensions or some other 110 bolt circle crank anyhow to run those ring sizes, as you can't get a Campy 48/38, and their road rings run on a 135mm bolt circle so you can't use the Shimano 'cross rings either.

Answer#2: Just use a Shimano 9-speed cassette; the spacing is the same. Campy cassettes won't mount on a Shimano hub, the splineset is different. I run Campy Centaur 10 on the Dream and use Wheels 10 cassettes on my Mavic (shimano body) wheels.

Answer #3: Yes, as long as you're comparing 9-speed to 9-speed or 10-speed to 10-speed, Campy is compatible across levels for the most part. The only thing you have to watch out for is the BB spindle length; I think Centaur is different from all the other lines.

Answer #4: Yes, the fork rake could possibly radically change the handling and geometry depending on how much size difference there is between your bike and your GF's, this would also cover differences in geometry between frame builders. Some builders (Colnago, for example) use the same fork rake for all sizes, some don't. Small frames way out on the fringes of stock (49cm) tend to have weird head tube angles to fit a 700c wheel into the frame and preserve decent handling, so this may be an issue. This should not stop you from trying this budget option, however I strongly recommend that you check the geometry of both frames for compatibility and/or take it to a qualified pro shop and ask these questions of them.
some answersatpjunkie
May 16, 2002 8:46 PM
as long as the fork is threadless you can cut down the steer tube to fit. But like LFR says check to make sure the rake is good. Check ebay for CX frames, there are some good small ones last time I looked. I have an e address of some shop in Oregon that sells campy parts pretty reasonably. I got a quote for Daytona 9 (Crank,BB, Fr and R derailleurs and shifter/brake levers) to set up my cross rig and I think it was about 370 including shipping. I'll post the e address tomorrow. They'll sell you whatever you need creating a special gruppo without selling you a full set (don't need those calipers)and they are great guys. All you have to do is get a TA 48 tooth campy compatible chainring ( Most Campy stuff is cross compatible like LFR said. If worse comes to worse I have a
set of Record 9/10 hubs on open pro ceramics (unused) I may part with. Let me know if you are interested.
i'm interested tooweiwentg
May 17, 2002 3:08 AM
might want to put campy on the cross bike :)
hey there,lonefrontranger
May 17, 2002 12:37 PM
Have you figured out what frame you're going to get? I wholeheartedly sympathize with your plight of trying to find the right size. My old Redline never truly fit right, but fortunately for me it was too tall, not too long, so I was able to make it ride comfortably. It wasn't until I had the connections and a decent paying job that I could actually afford a bike that fit.

I'm ultimately curious to see what you find. I've talked to quite a few folks of BOTH genders recently who are on the small end of stock, and are having difficulty finding frames that fit. It seems that for several years now, American framebuilders have gone to this universal belief that everyone can fit on and tolerate the freight-train-like TT lengths currently in vogue.
hey there,weiwentg
May 17, 2002 1:23 PM
well. I saw a 50cm Redline Conquest Pro on the classifieds, and immediately jumped for joy. Just to be sure, I got a tape measure, and went to check the geometery. after this, I cursed loudly.
I have a 28" inseam. I stand about 5'3". the 50cm Conquest doesn't fit. the 48cm Conquest doesn't fit. the 50cm Trek XO1 doesn't fit - close but no dice. and there is no 48cm XO1. all the C'Dales are WAY too big. and going by the numbers, even the smallest Surly - 42 bloody centimeters!!!!!!!!!! - is too big in terms of standover.
well. looks like a custom frame, then. there's simply no choice.
sheesh, am I really that short? :(
Soma for you?damon
May 28, 2002 5:08 PM
My girlfriend is 5'2", and is riding a 46cm (i think) Soma Double Cross. They also make a 42. I am actually very pleased with this bike... she thoroughly enjoys it, doesn't get any toe-pedal overlap (although the size 36 shoes don't hurt that), and it is a well-thought out frame/fork for about $400USD.
It is certainly not a high-end frame... midline Reynolds 631 tubing, etc, but it built up well and is reasonably light. The main problem is distribution is small right now, so actually test riding one might be kinda difficult, unless you are near San Francisco.

So... what I need...Velocipedio
May 22, 2002 9:22 AM
Is shifters, FD and RD... I can keep my crankset, BB and cassette and use Shimano hubs/wheels... is that right?

BTW, thanks for the help, everyone... and yes, my GF is great. She's a hardcore roadie who wants to get into the dirt and finds her MTB doesn't cut it anymore...
So... what I need...atpjunkie
May 22, 2002 11:56 AM
I think you may need a spacer kit to adapt the shimano cluster to campy derailleur. Cluster spacing is different, but maybe 9 and 9 are close enough. Ask this guy he may take awhile but he knows. Crank, BB shouldn't be a problem. But shimano hub needs a shimano cluster and I know the spacing is different on campy.
I'm going Daytona / Centaur for the same reason. Can't bear to beat anything nicer, except the Record OP Ceramics I own.
re: Campagnolo cyclocross questionsmackgoo
May 16, 2002 9:58 PM
Every one seems to have covered the compatability issues. One place you may want to check is if you go digging in there you will find definitive answers. Also just call Campy.
One thing about the forks is off set wich relates to the rake but most forks list off set. I just learned from experience this will greatly affect the handling of the bike. On a cross bike it may not matter as speeds may not be that great.
I bought a used bike last year for the frame set, a Bianchi Ti Mega tube. I'm a Bianchi man for 30 years now and I've always liked that foil down tube. Any way it came with an after market fork. The bike was very twitchy bordering on scarry on fast decents, I just chalked it up to the ride characteristics of the bike. Over the winter I got some new paint and picked up a NOS Bianchi threadless carbon/carbon fork. Put the bike together. The ride quality is like night and day, that bike is rock solid on the decents now, a totaly different bike. I can only assume that fork was not the same off set negatively affecting the geometry of the bike.
re: sorry for the delay here's the infoatpjunkie
May 21, 2002 8:01 PM ask for Rudy @
Campy Centaur 9
crank, BB. F & R derailleur, Shifter/Brake lever
cassette, chain, cables, housings 358.00 + 30 shipping

Campy Chorus 10
crank, BB. F & R derailleur, Shifter/Brake lever
cassette, chain, cables, housings 575.00 + 30 shipping

no wheels included
May 22, 2002 6:52 AM
Sounds interesting. I'm actually thinking of going Centaur/Daytona 9 rather than Chorus... The main reason being that I'm not sure I could bring myself to beat the crap out of Chorus the way I beat the crap out of my 'cross bike. :)