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Wheels - Actually Hub Preferences...(2 posts)

Wheels - Actually Hub Preferences...UTE
May 10, 2002 3:24 AM
I am building up a Cross Rig. I keep decribing my ultimate goal as a trail bike with some road manners. I am now thinking about wheels. I have a set on my MTB I had built around a set of Chris King Classic Hubs. I was planning on buying another set and having them laced to some Open Pro's. I hear more and more about Phil Wood hubs, I have their Ti BB on my MTB and have always marveled at the quality of their stuff (much like CK). Does anyone have a strong opinion that I should go the PW hubs as opposed to the CK's?? There is a sustantial weight difference with a PW wheel set weighing in approximately 320g heavier than CK, thats almost three-quarters of a pound. Granted since the hub is a the center of rotation, the penalty in terms of getting the wheel up to speed is not as pronounced as it might seem, but and extra .75 lbs to bike weight, thats a lot.
I wish I had your problemclimbo
May 10, 2002 10:11 AM
both the CK and Phil hubs are awesome. If you have the CK's already and you like them, why change to Phil's on your CX bike? Plus it seems as though you are weight conscious so maybe the CK's are best.