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road bike conversion to crosscarolina rambler
Apr 29, 2002 4:37 AM
I am looking to race the local cross circuit in oklahoma this fall when i move there, courtesy of the us army once again! However right now i'm running my road bike with full ultegra drive train and componets, ritchey prologic pedals, and mavic open pro wheels. Any suggested componetry changes for going cross other than the tires!? I'm particularly concerned about the pedals and perhaps the gear ratio..what should i be running on a cross bike?
re: road bike conversion to crossatpjunkie
Apr 29, 2002 5:29 PM
If it is a true road bike there won't be enough clearance for cross tires on your fork and chainstays. If it is a "true" road bike you will lack the bosses for mounting cantilever brakes, which also provide clearance and mud shedding for bigger cross tires. So if you bike is a roadie (not a tourer) cross conversion is pretty much out.
Re: your components Open pro wheels are fine, you will need to replace your large (53 I assume) chainring with a 46 or 48 tooth ring and cassette should be 12-25 or more likely 12-27. word TIME. look in the classifieds here or ebay for a frame that will work for ya if your bike is a true roadie. Let us know what kind of frame it is.