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Best wheels for cyclocross?(16 posts)

Best wheels for cyclocross?Star Fangled Nut
Apr 27, 2002 10:34 PM
I am 6'5" and weigh 225 lbs. I hope to weigh 195 lbs by the fall. I am looking for a set of pre-built cyclocross wheels and I'm wondering what would be best. I have been looking at the Cane Creek Cyclocross, Spinergy Xaero and Bontrager X-Lites. Would any of these be better than the others? And drawbacks to any of them? Are there any other good wheelsets out there. Thanks.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?thatsmybush
Apr 28, 2002 5:13 AM
I use Kys. Elites they have been exceptional thus far. Mavic open pros w/quality hubs are very common as well.
For the cash endowed I have always wanted to put a pair of Rev-x on my cross.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?Star Fangled Nut
Apr 28, 2002 1:50 PM
Also looking at Rolf Sestriere and Vector Pro wheelsets and Shimano's WH-7700. I want something that is light and of high quality but it must also handle my weight. Any ideas?
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?weiwentg
Apr 29, 2002 12:35 PM
not the Sestrieres!!! at your weight, you'd annihilate them even if you rode them on smooth road!!! the DA and Vector Pros should both be fine, considering their deep rims.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?atpjunkie
Apr 29, 2002 5:39 PM
from one Clydesdale to another just forget the "light and strong" dream. I'm 230 and you would fold Setrieres like a soft taco. On the shimano's check some of the discussions below, not recommended. Go to a wheelbuilder you trust, get 32 or 36 hole Open Pros, lace them to whatever hubs you choose 3 cross with heavy spokes. If you have 20 plus pounds you want to shed saving a couple ounces on a wheel set is foolish and costly. If and when you get down to 190 then maybe the Rolf Vector Comps (pros maybe pushing it for cross at our size, I ride them on the road, have used my comps as smooth grass crit cross wheels).Seriously the bike industry does a great disservice by hyping all this gram shaving crap without warning their products aren't intended for riders over 165 (99% of all titanium parts for example)
Personally I love my Mavics, have them built for me by a guy who knows me and my riding style. They are as light as they can be for my size and strong and I don't have to retrue them every ride.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?Star Fangled Nut
Apr 29, 2002 11:49 PM
What about the Mavic Cosmos or Classic SSC wheelsets? If I do end up building my own however (I really need a complete wheelset asap though) would you recommend CXP23/33 rims or Open Pros? Thanks!
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?atpjunkie
Apr 30, 2002 8:19 AM
If you need something ASAP, supergo ( has Ultegra / Open Pros for $199, they also have 105/ CXP 21's for $149, you could buy 2 sets of wheels cheaper than 1 set of "fancies". Classic SSC, are you referring to Ksyriums? These will have the same trouble as the sestieres, too flimsy for big riders.The cosmos should be OK but they'd cost 100 bones more than the Ult/ Open Pro's and aren't as good. Regarding custom builds, the CXP's will be a stronger rim as they have more material (deep v aero profile) but that also puts more weight at the outside of the wheel (slowing the rotational mass) now you shouldn't be concerned with this at your (my) size....yet. I'll beat on my Open Pro's some more and let you know how they survive. I've tweaked them a couple times (bad bunny hops mostly) but the beauty of a standard build is I can do the minor retrues before I need to take them to a pro. You can't do this with lo-spoke wheels.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?Star Fangled Nut
Apr 30, 2002 9:48 PM
The Mavic Classic SSC as listed on their website looks to be based on Open Pros with Ceramic sidewalls. They have 32 straight pull spokes front and rear. They seem ideal but I can't find much information on them or find anyone who sells them. :(
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?atpjunkie
May 1, 2002 6:51 AM
I wouldn't suggest straight pull at your (my) size. I have a set of Open Pro's laced to Record Hubs that I'm going to put on my "race" bike, and they have straight pull lacing 14 gauge (I got them at a bike swap) but I know 3x is stronger. I'll let you know how they last. There is a guy in this discussion who is 200 + and rides the Ksyrium Elites to good results. If you are in a hurry order those Open Pro Ultegras from Supergo. Cyclocrossworld also has some cross wheels (Dura Ace or Ultegra) laced cross specific to Open Pros for a good price as well. These guys are the experts and it's the only clincher they sell.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?weiwentg
May 1, 2002 10:29 AM
you may be confusing straight pull with radial. radial lacing means the spokes don't cross, straight pull means that the spokes have no j-bends and are completely straight. the design is reputed to be stronger than j-bend spokes, and requires a special hub (zipp hubs, campy HPW hubs, cane creek hubs).
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?Star Fangled Nut
May 1, 2002 10:42 PM
Yes, that is what I thought and also why I was looking at the Classic SSC over bulding my own with Open Pros. The only problem is I can't find anyone selling the Classic SSC wheelsets. Its as if they don't exist.
re: Best wheels for cyclocross?atpjunkie
May 2, 2002 7:24 AM
sorry, didn't even think of the straight pull spokes. Totally had my radial blinders on, but aren't most straight pull (Spox, Spinergy...) non J Bend spokes radially laced?
Try the Velomax Circuit comp, I think they run their version of that technology and those rims are strong as well.
Did I mention in my earlier post...thatsmybush
Apr 30, 2002 4:06 PM
That I use Kys. Elites and weigh 200 lbs. Used to weigh 220 but am riding on a daily basis. Have 350 miles on my cross since mid feb and have not so much as looked to true these wheels. I ride this bike exclusively on fire roads and light single track.
Did I mention in my earlier post...atpjunkie
Apr 30, 2002 6:52 PM
good to know about the Elites, I think the SCC's may be too light for riders your (my) size. Are you a smooth rider or do you "beat' those wheels. Do you bunny hop much? Just wondering what level of abuse they are taking, I'm pretty aggressive on my Open Pros
Do you like chili?Ahimsa
Apr 30, 2002 7:14 PM
I've mentioned them before and I'll mention them again...

Salsa Delgado Cross rims on Ultegra hubs (or whatever hubs).
Laced three cross 14 g 32 F 36 R. Bomber with a capital B.

I'm no 225#er, but I put wheels through Hell and really like these a lot.

It pays to wait and get them built by a reputable local wheelbuilder though. Even the best wheel component combo is only as good as the cat who tensions the spokes and trues the works.


A. (I'd also mention that tire size is important, but since you are gonna 'cross on these I'll assume you are running a dcent width.)
Do you like chili?atpjunkie
May 1, 2002 6:55 AM
sounds like a fine set up ahimsa. I'm running 32 spoke 3x to Hugi hubs. my only regret is I didn't use straight 14g, I'm using a 14/15/14 butted spoke. Might have to try those delgados on my next build. I agree on the wheelbuilder as well. I run 32-38 tires depending on conditions.