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Cranks & RingsUTE
Apr 26, 2002 2:57 AM
I continue to 'research' components for my cross project and have gotten to cranks and rings. I'm running RaceFace cranks with Action-Tec Ti rings on my MTB. I love the set-up. I was planning on going w/ the RF cranks and A-T rings for the cross bike using a standard 74/110 bolt crankset and thought about running 34/48 for the rings. I am trying to build what I hope will be a trail bike with some 'road manners.' As I research I figure I can save about $150 by going with a Shimano XTR MTB Crankset and BB and ditch the granny ring. Thing is the gearing for the XTR crankset would be 34/46. Is this tooo low for a cross set-up?? Thanx in advance for teh feedback.
re: Cranks & Ringsmackgoo
Apr 26, 2002 3:49 AM
I have a 48/39-13x26. I would say your set up is fine for cross, but based on my experience with my set up you may be pushing it for the road. The 48x13 I find running out too much. My normal road would be 53x11, granted that 11 is there so I can continue to pedal going down hill and for the long power flats.
re: Cranks & Ringsatpjunkie
Apr 26, 2002 10:06 AM
46 x 34 is OK, I have an XTR crank on my "singletracker" cross bike (it actually is a triple, that's how it came and I use it for near MTB style rides sometimes) I'm building my "race bike w/ traditional double 48/38. It is a little lo for pure road use as Mackgoo stated, you'll just have to coast downhill. But if this bike is planned as a multipurpose (cross/road/adventure) it is fine, you can always go with a smaller cassette (11-23/12-25) to give you morer mashing gears.