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Skinsuits?(5 posts)

Apr 22, 2002 2:40 PM
So what's with skinsuits? I mean, why do the pros wear skinsuits at the races? Considering the average speeds and frequent dismounts, I doubt there's any aerodynamic reason. Is it traditions? Are they warmer? Does it have something to do with an obscure UCI rule against pockets?
re: Skinsuits?atpjunkie
Apr 22, 2002 3:28 PM
I've pondered the same. Since a cross race is usually under an hour and you have a "pit & crew" the need for pockets is equal to the need for bottle braze ons...nil. I think they may wear them for the same reason MTB racers wear them, comfort. Have you tried bibs vs. shorts? The lack of a waistband knocks the comfort level up about 10 pts. My other guess is by not wearing anything loose (jersey) they have nothing to "catch" on handlebars, seats, etc... during said dismounts. Re: aerodynamics, pro roadies only wear skinsuits during TT's so I assume the reason crossers don't wear roadie-like jersey + bibs is this reason, it may also prevent mud etc.. from entering into your uni in the event of a crash. So it is most likely a combination of comfort, and functionality I've never asked a pro racer so this is only an educated guess. Maybe someone can shed some more light on this.
Reasons varyBipedZed
Apr 22, 2002 8:45 PM
I wear a team skinsuit for cross racing. Primarily because the form fit doesn't snag on anything during dismounts/carrying/remounting. Tight fitting skinsuits also won't sag when wet and muddy. Obviously they aren't worn for aerodynamics for cross racing but wearing them feels fast, looks intimidating (depending on how fit you are), and pockets are superfluous anyway for cross racing.

FWIW, many of my teammates wear skinsuits for crits also, particularly the 1s and 2s.
skinsuits also make great base layerslonefrontranger
Apr 24, 2002 1:40 PM
I've kept a bunch of old skinsuits from various defunct and former teams for this very reason, although I periodically donate the obsolete jerseys and shorts that clutter up my closet to juniors in need of functional cycling wear.

Like the Biped said, they are very comfy and they add an extra layer of warmth and functionality in winter. I use them as my base layer; sometimes long sleeve, sometimes short sleeve, sometimes with a Craft(tm) underneath, sometimes not, all depending on the freeze factor.

FWIW, I also wear a skinsuit in mountain bike races; it doesn't catch on low branches and/or stickers as easily, and if I wad it up into the woods I don't end up with pockets full of mud and brambles or a scraped up back because the jersey slid up on me.
Skinsuits are useful until it's 35 degrees and snowing !! nmclimbo
Apr 23, 2002 6:34 AM