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Mavics for Mohawks?(5 posts)

Mavics for Mohawks?Andy in Wi
Apr 20, 2002 9:33 PM
I have a query for all the folks over here on the cross board. Well, I built a crosscheck in the summer and proceded to love it a whole bunch. Seems though, that the back wheel is more dead than Garcia, but not so grateful. The wheelset is a ME 14a / DT Comp / SRAM 9.0 set I threw together, and the dead wheel is not so surprising considering that I weigh about 220 and that the bike tried to jump off my car back in July.
So my question pretty much is what wheelset should I go for? I could rebuild the previous wheel, but I'm kinda taken by the cool looks of the Shimano 105 lateral x-over 16 spoke wheels (and that I can get them for under 200 for a 2002 set). I want to know:
recommended builds (rims mostly)
whether the shimano wheels will stand up, or whether I'll wreck them pretty fast.
other cool looking wheels that are good for 220 lbs crossriders not totally unlike myself.
Oh, while I'm at it, how easy is STI to wreck in a wreck? should I just stick with bar cons for now?
re: Mavics for Mohawks?atpjunkie
Apr 21, 2002 6:13 PM
Buy some mavic open pros and rebuild the wheelset using your existing hubs. That would probably be cheapest. I'm 6'4" + 230 lbs and abuse the hell out of mine. (I have 2 sets). The only time I tweak them is if I bunnyhop and throw out the rear end (not recommended) and they can be easily retrued. A guy tried to sell me a set of those 105 wheels and said they'd work for cross but I haven't spoke with anyone with real time experience and it's hard to trust someone trying to sell you something. I've used Rolf Vector Comps and they work as well. Rim is stiff and wide (from nipple to edge) to make up for low spoke count (same as the Shimano) so I'd assume they would work. Also WTB makes a heavy duty rim for cross and 29" MTB's, 'sposed to be stiff as hell. Try
By your name Andy in Wi I gotta guess you are in Wisconsin, lotsa mud and crud...stick to bar ends unless you got money to spend as anytime a Shimano STI goes down you have to buy a new set or scour ebay for a single. ($$$)
or stock up on a bunch of 105's, Tiagras...
Shimano vs. ClydesdaleThe Walrus
Apr 22, 2002 9:59 AM
I asked the Shimano rep at the recent L.A. Bike Expo about us, ummmm, "larger" riders using the R535 wheelsets for 'cross, and he hemmed and hawed about it a bit, and kept saying they should be just fine for riding on the road. I guess that's Shimano-speak for "Don't even think about it, bubba".
Shimano vs. Clydesdaleatpjunkie
Apr 22, 2002 3:35 PM
They never take us into consideration, everything is built for weight weenie flyweights. I've said it before cycling is a conspiracy of little people. In any competitve sport where it pays to be big it gets broken into weight classes, when the opposite is such luck. Maybe it's payback for picking on them in grammar school.
All these mfg'r's should beat a path to our doors and hire us as product testers. They'd find alot more out about their products durability putting it to the "big boys who ride hard test" than having some midget T-Rex take it for a spin.
Anyhow, use the Open Pro's or the WTB's and have a local builder build them for you personally.
Alrighty...Andy in Wi
Apr 23, 2002 6:18 AM
Time to see if I can get some rims.