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Reco on complete CX bike for big rider (6'3")...(5 posts)

Reco on complete CX bike for big rider (6'3")...eppster
Apr 15, 2002 6:39 AM
...I ride an XL/21" FS XC bike (25" TT) and want to get a cross bike for training and winter road riding. I have a relatively long reach.

I've checked out the offerings from Surly, Bianchi, and C'dale.

Looking for direction from anyone with personal experience on fitment and use of these bikes or good alternatives.

Thanks in advance,

Sean - Minneapolis
re: Reco on complete CX bike for big rider (6'3")...atpjunkie
Apr 15, 2002 7:32 AM
sean, I'm 6'4". You are going to need a frame in either a 58 cm or 57cm for cross. Most likely a 57 cm in less you have really long legs 35" +. Some 58's although the frame may "fit" with the increased bottom bracket height won't give you sufficient standover. Each Mfr is different. C'dales tend to be short in the top tube so you may feel cramped if you are long torso'd.(Long Reach). You can help by putting the seat back and getting a longer stem. Do you know how to "fit" yourself on a road bike? If not you can usually find info on it but the basics are this:
Set saddle height first. Then set saddle fore/aft by hanging a plumb bob from below your kneecap while your feet are in the 9 and 3 (pedals level) position. When the plumb bob is hanging from the forward kneecap it should intersect the axle on the pedal. Once saddle position is established you can do a reach fit. For a road bike when in the drops position your knees should just clear your elbows, for a cross bike you should back off from this (make shorter) Start off with about 1-3 cm or so as it will help you descend.
As for alternatives, check the classifieds here and ebay, I'm sure you can find something. They make great commuters as well, but be aware full race cross bikes lack braze ons for a second water bottle (or a no bottle mounts at all) and or racks so you can't mount anything to them.
Considering where you live it will make a good choice.
re: Reco on complete CX bike for big rider (6'3")...atpjunkie
Apr 15, 2002 7:46 AM
look in the classifieds here. (classifieds-cyclocross) There is a sweet 57 cm Mogul Bismarck complete for $1399, a 57 cm Strong Racing Bike for about a grand and a 58 cm 2000 Specialized S-Works for a grand. The specialized is a tall frame (hi BB) so I wouldn't recommend unless you pants inseam is 35 or longer. If it is, this is a sweet ride for a great price.
re: Reco on complete CX bike for big rider (6'3")...atpjunkie
Apr 15, 2002 7:51 AM
personally I'd make an offer on the Mogul Bismarck, I think you'd be stoked and cheaper than a C'Dale, better parts and lighter than the Surly
agree - offer on the Morgullonefrontranger
Apr 15, 2002 9:57 AM
You won't regret it. I have a Morgul Bismarck custom crit/TT bike and it's an absolute rocket. Love the handling.