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Shimano vs CampyUTE
Apr 13, 2002 9:37 AM
Hey folks, putting togetehr my first cross rig and wondering about the age old question of Campy vs Shimano. I am thinking about either Dura-Ace STi w/XTR f&r Derailleurs or going with Chorus 9-speed. Have heard rather strong opinions both ways and looking for more feedback. Also any opinions on performance differences between DuraAce and Ultegra?? I know many would rather save the money, but I'm going to spend the better part of 12 months and $3000 building htis thing, so $60 bucks more for a better STI is no big deal - Thanx !!!!
re: Shimano vs Campymackgoo
Apr 13, 2002 2:14 PM
As a Campyholic, it's the only thing I use, except for the T/A 48 tooth big ring. I don't race but I blast around get mucked up and generally have a ball. Everything has worked great. I'm running Record only because hey why not, I can get a used record carbon what ever on E bay for less than what I would pay retail so what the heck. I've jammed that rear deraileur a few times out of the saddle climbing shifting up, shifting down no problems. I've flopped a few times Ergo's still look great, if I break em I repair them not replace. I even picked up a set of Record OR canti's because I'm such an ass and they actually work very good.
Just to let you know how whacked I may be, I will not wear or put on my bikes anything made by another bike manufacturer. Whith the exception of Cinelli. I love the Grammo and the Eubios.
re: Shimano vs Campymackgoo
Apr 13, 2002 3:08 PM
One thing I forgot to mention, something I've been working on. I'm getting so when I'm on the cross bar I can reach over with my little finger and hit the "thumb" shifter.
re: Shimano vs Campyatpjunkie
Apr 14, 2002 6:09 PM
Well it all matters on what you are planning to do. In actuality you should probably avoid STI altogether (Campy or Shimano) as bar ends are far more reliable and less likely to seize in the mud. Do you plan to race or is this a "fun" bike? If you plan to race use the 3 grand to build or buy 2 bikes. Building a hizoot cross bike may impress your riding buddies but if your $3000 steed is covered in 8 lbs of mud and your drive train is clogged and there is one lap left and you have no other bike to exchange you will heed my words. seriously search the web, you can save both time and $$$$.
I searched the net and bought a race ready XTR/ Ultegra cross bike, barely used (less than 100 miles) for $800. I'm building a second one (most likely Campy Centaur (what was Daytona) or Dura Ace 8 speed (old stock) for around $1000. The XTR Ultegra bike handles the mud very well but I probably will switch to bar ends when the Ultegra STI levers die. I don't see the point in either Dura Ace or Record/Chorus Groupos(unless it's a steal of a deal). It just hurts too much when you tear up a really expensive rear derailleur or destroy $200 shifters. I find it a frivolous waste of money to shell out big bucks for super swank road intended Groupos for riding in the mud. If you only plan on riding when it's dry then be my guest. Yea I know the pros do it, that's because the parts are free and they have a mechanic to fix and replace it for them.
As for the Campy/Shimano debate I'm non partial. Campy STI's can be rebuilt where as Shimanos need be replaced. Therefore Campy will save you $ in the long haul as long as you or someone you know can rebuild the shifters (easier said than done, but do-able). As far as derailleurs I think it's a wash, I like the chic Italian (and dislike some of Shimano's business practices) but took what my bike came with and am quite pleased, so buy what ya like or what ya can get. I honestly think it doesn't matter. I have a friend who runs one LX and one XT rapid fire MTB shifter on his tops behind/under his Paul Middle Levers and his bike is an amalgam of whatever he had laying around and he can tear about 90% of the people we ride with legs off (including me).
So do what you want, don't worry about impressing the Jones' with a fancy bike, do it on the trail. Honestly for 3 grand you could have 2 cross bikes an extra wheelset and have enough $ leftover to buy the poor kid down the street a used bike as well. A far better solution in my opinion.
Then again this point is nil if you are just bloody stinking rich.