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Cross Suspension????(3 posts)

Cross Suspension????greatgooglymoogla
Apr 12, 2002 11:49 PM
OK I'm new to the cross world and not sure if this topic is taboo or not but please bare with me. My job just moved me to Italy and as a result I'm looking for a new bike. Going cross is the most obviously appealing option for me. The only problem is that the roads here in Naples are unforgiving. I've been riding without suspension on my ancient mountain bike and I'm paying for it at the end of long rides. OK...the big question...does anyone know of a less beefy suspension fork designed for 'cross or road bikes???? I know Cannondale has the "Ultra" but I'm looking for more options. I read somewhere that Manitou makes a suspension fork for road bikes but I haven't found any real info. Does this fork actually exist?
re: Cross Suspension????atpjunkie
Apr 16, 2002 7:10 AM
RST and White both make "cross" specific forks. They have about an inch of travel. There are makers of carbon cross forks that provide a bit of "dampening" as well. If your goal is to have a bike to ride around on and off road and are not concerned with weight or racing I see no crime in it. Rock Shox made one as well but I don't think it was ever released. You'll never see one in a race as suspension adds too much weight and too much weight up front which interferes with portage (carrying) in a race. Crossers tend to want a bike as light as possible and having an extra couple pounds up front would throw the balance of the bike off when shouldered. So if you want an adventure bike I'd go with the White Ind. just save the rigid set up in case you ever decide to race.
Rock Shox has the Metrolaffeaux
Apr 22, 2002 3:54 PM