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Steel Cross Fork Sources?(3 posts)

Steel Cross Fork Sources?triangleforge
Apr 9, 2002 2:06 PM
I've got an old '70s road frame that I had fitted at Bilenky CycleWorks with the S& S Machine Works couplers to use as a travel bike. The original fork & back end both have sufficient clearance for moderately fat 'cross tires, which makes this a pretty good all-rounder if I tuck a set of road & cross tires in the travel case.

Alas, the fork is cut EXTREMELY short for an ultra-low stack height Lyotard (if I recall correctly...) headset, and there's nothing on the market today that comes even close to working. The headset has finally given up the ghost, so I'm looking at a new fork...

I've looked at the forks in the Schwab catalog and the Kinesis on the site, but would prefer a simple steel fork like the one that's on my VooDoo Wazoo (and that's not a boat anchor like the cheap, heavy touring fork in the Nashbar catalog) -- does anyone know of good sources for such an animal?

I'd go manufacturer directAlex-in-Evanston
Apr 10, 2002 7:06 AM
You'll get a good price, exactly what you want, and painted to your liking.

Tom Teesdale builds simple steel forks for a good price. Vicious would probably be a step-up in price, I don't know about corresponding increase in quality.

If you need one right away, I'd go with the Kinesis. It's a strong, light, inexpensive fork.

Apr 11, 2002 5:49 AM
Thanks for the recommendation to Teesdale; it looks like he does great work, and poking around a bit on his website, I realized another wrinkle -- since it's a road bike (even an old one), the headtube is going to be notably steeper than my VooDoo. Consequently, a stock 'cross fork will likely have too much rake -- the fine folks at thought the Kinesis was about a 48mm rake, which is a whole bunch for a road bike.

I've decided to go to Don Ferris of Anvil Bikeworks for the fork; I've traded e-mails with him before about bikes and blacksmithing (note "Anvil" Bikeworks and "3Triangle Forge") I'll send him the old one so that he can copy it with a longer, threadless steerer & cantilever bosses.

Thanks again!