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Anybody have any experince w/ the Bianchi SL(2 posts)

Anybody have any experince w/ the Bianchi SL853
Apr 9, 2002 10:28 AM
Since they will not have any new Axis. I am thinking about this frame, and unfortunately there are no reviews on this frameset here on this site. The only fault I see w/ this frame set is it's use of a 1" fork - meaning I can't use their 1-1/8 carbon fork.
re: Anybody have any experince w/ the Bianchi SLatpjunkie
Apr 12, 2002 7:39 AM
The SL is the steel frame correct? Yes you won't be able to use a 1 1/8 carbon fork. I'd avoid any full carbon fork on a 1" steer tube cross bike. You'll have to look into Wound Up or True Temper (Alpha Q) I think maybe True Temper makes a 1" titanium steerer carbon x fork. Both of these are great but expensive forks. (About $500) Granted a steel frame doesn't "need" a carbon fork as much as an aluminum frame as steel provides it's own dampening. The carbon will save you some weight. If you aren't a weight weenie than I don't see it as a problem. People ride the Ibis Hakkalugi and the Salsa Bell Lap and only have high praise, a well made steel bike is a thing to love (my road bike is 853 Reynolds and I wouldn't ride anything else...well maybe Columbus Thermacrom). I assume you are a Bianchiphile as most of your options involve the Celeste Green Rides. If you aren't completely sold on Bianchi a guy is selling a 53 cm c-c Empella Bonfire for $300 bucks on ebay. If it must be Bianchi, seriously search the net, I bet you can find an Axis. Otherwise go with the SL I'm sure you will pleased