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Newbie - Building First Cross Rig...(9 posts)

Newbie - Building First Cross Rig...UTE
Apr 7, 2002 12:36 PM
Have some questions re: bike spec. I have all but decided on building around a new IF Planet-X frame. Any opinions out there that I should look elsewhere??? Was also considering the Steelman Eurocross or Sycip CrossDresser. Also, what are people using for cranks?? I am building a rig not to race, but to be a go anywhere road/trail ride. Cranksets I am thinking about are: RaceFace Next, Dura-Ace and FSA. Any thoughts?? Thanx in advance for reading all the questions. - UTE
re: Newbie - Building First Cross Rig...mackgoo
Apr 7, 2002 2:00 PM
Can't comment on the frames, but I'm sure any one of them will be fine. As far as components go virtually any thing will work so what ever you want.
re: Newbie - Building First Cross Rig...ihomebrew
Apr 8, 2002 8:39 AM
The Planet-X is a nice frame. That sure is a lot of bike for cruising around on and not racing. IMHO there are a lot of good frames that are less expensive (and don't cry "steal me"). I'd save the money if I were you. But hey, if you've got the dough...

For an all around city cruiser I don't think there is a need for DA in front. If you want to go with Shimano then I'd say Ultegra is more than adequate.

Also checkout Ritchey cranks. They have some doubles with small (or smaller) bolt patterns that allow you to run a very small ring (<39) in front. Combine that with an XT rear deraileur and an XT cassette and you can get some ridiculously low gearing for off road use (i.e. singletrack).

Good luck!
re: Newbie - Building First Cross Rig...jrm
Apr 8, 2002 2:13 PM
For triples either a 105 or RF standard set would work nice. For a double, again 105, with a reduced outside ring or even better would be a 2 x 9 ritchey crankset.
re: Newbie - Building First Cross Rig...atpjunkie
Apr 9, 2002 6:16 AM
Yes I would agree to save some $$$. The Ritchey 2x9 is a greatcrank and reasonable. Also, before you build, check the classifieds here and ebay. You may be able to get a swank bike (used) for the price of a new frame. There are great deals to be had on 1 year old bikes.
More newbie questions (headset, rear spoke pattern, brakes)Stampertje
Apr 10, 2002 1:49 AM
Just ordered the Surly CrossCheck frame - basic group will be 105 Triple, but I have a few questions:
- What is a good value headset? I don't want to pay for the King, nice as it may be. My LBS suggested Cane Creek. Any other options?
- Another bike shop nearby has some no-name low cantilevers (similar to spooky, empella, paul neo-retro) for about the same price as the Avid Shorties. Are there significant performance benefits to that type of cantilever or can I just go for the Avids?
- One for the wheelbuilders: I'm thinking of a half-radial rear (3x drive, radial non-drive). The LBS warned me against the possability of ripping the radial spokes through the flange on a hard hit. Does anybody have experience with half-radial rear wheels? Would a 1x or 2x non-drive side give the same benefits as radial without the risk? (Shorter spokes, higher tension, and no release when pedaling, as per Sheldon Brown...)
- I'm looking for a bar with fairly deep drops (large hands, long arms) in 44cm. Any suggestions? Should I go 46? (44cm is the suggested width from a cyclefit measurement.)
- Thanks. I'm looking forward to this :)
More newbie questions (headset, rear spoke pattern, brakes)atpjunkie
Apr 10, 2002 8:34 AM
Cane Creek is a good choice. Close to a King (but not) and can be had for about 40 bones. Supergo ( has the Syncros headsets for $59. These are great headsets, super sealed w/ great bearings (GT bought Syncros and now GT has gone under) warranty may be an issue but these headsets are bullet proof. Large hands, long arms.. are you a large rider? If you are go 44 (center to center) 46 (outside to outside) Ritchey and Salsa (Bell Lap) make great cross bars cheap. I'm an xtra large guy and have no trouble with these bars. ( I ride 46 center to center for cross) I'm 6'4" + and have wide shoulders. Narrower will make you more aero (not too important in cross) wider is better for handling and breathing.
and if you are large go 3x on the spokes. Radial lacing is for tiny little roadies or crossers. If you plan on doing much dirt riding I'd stay 3x or 2x especially if you carry some weight.
not sure about the no-names, hard to judge a product you don't know. Go with the Avids, they work great, are cheap and have the best customer service. Otherwise peruse the classifieds for (ebay etc..) for some of the boutique brakes used.
Thanks! (And 6'4", 190lbs - I'll go 3x/2x) nmStampertje
Apr 10, 2002 8:57 AM
Thanks! (And 6'4", 190lbs - I'll go 3x/2x) nmatpjunkie
Apr 11, 2002 4:52 PM
yes I'm almost 6'5" and 230, I always have to "weigh" the advice of "little" people. Their intentions are good they just have no idea how much stress we can put on a bike. I've broken cranksets, Bottom Brackets (steel)
Frames, etc... I run for the hills when I see light and strong in the same sentence. Build to take the abuse, then shave ounces/ grams.