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Help, convert Poprad w/ canti to caliper brakes??(8 posts)

Help, convert Poprad w/ canti to caliper brakes??markmark
Apr 1, 2002 7:42 AM
Anyone know if a problem with seting up lemond poprad with caliper brakes? Planning on converting to a dedicated road training bike with carbon road fork. Will caliper brake install on the rear bracket??

re: Help, convert Poprad w/ canti to caliper brakes??atpjunkie
Apr 3, 2002 2:38 PM
I don't know if the Poprad has a caliper mount in the rear triangle. The cross member between the seat stays most likely is too far away from where a 20-25 tire would be so even if you drill a hole for the caliper the arms would not reach the rim. Keep the canti in the back, otherwise you'd have to 'create' via welding a support (cross member) to mount the caliper on. The Poprad is built for bigger tires so I doubt it will line up stock
Apr 4, 2002 6:38 AM
There is a mounting hole on the cross piece in the rear for something. I guess I will find out soon. I'm staying away from my lbs on this project if possible. They have some road bikes deals that I could be talked into trying.
thanks again,
Apr 4, 2002 11:42 AM
Maybe you can find a decent caliper with a longer arm, the problem is with arm flex, just watch a bmx caliper.
I commute on my cross bike and have no trouble stopping using cantilevers even with 23 or 25 tires.
I'd say keep the brakes and buy a second set of wheels set-up for road use. The only other addition would be to put bigger chainrings up front. Besides you'll have a fun time pissing off your group when they realize you are keeping up with them on a lowly (to them) cyclocross bike. Get out front when the road gets rough and bunny hop all the hazards then swing over to the side and intentionally ride through the dirt to slow yourself down to reintegrate with the peloton. You will giggle yourself silly. Am an avid cyclist and ride all disciplines and sometimes Roadie stuffiness needs a little shake up every now and then. Just tell them your custom...(insert fancy Italian name here)... is backordered so you'll have to make do.
Other optionsBlairKS
Apr 5, 2002 8:13 PM
I'm interested in what gains you are looking for from this setup.

I find a cross bike to be pretty fast by just going to slick road tires. Do you have any thoughts on amount of weight saved? or performance improved?

Would a used road bike be "faster" and cheaper if you sold the poprad and not upgraded?

What are the other bikes in your stable?

Will you convert the poprad back to cyclocross for the season?

Just Curious, Blair

P.S. I just got a cross bike in january, and now racing it because I've been slow in building my road bike. Yeah, I wear MTB shoes, torn jersey, and ride a X-cross bike with the 3's
Other options: Blair has a pointatpjunkie
Apr 6, 2002 11:09 AM
My point exactly, save the $ on change outs/ upgrades and buy a second set of wheels. Set them up for Road riding and use them as back up during cross season. Blair has hit the issue on the head.
Road Bikes are slightly lighter in frame weight as cross bikes need to take the abuse of off road riding (they are built stronger=heavier). They also put the rider in a less aerodynamic position, higher stem, wider bars. If you are just riding for fun and fitness it shouldn't matter. If you are trying to compete (Cat 2, cat 1) it may be an issue. My cross bike is right about 20lbs while my road bike is about 19. I'm 235 do you think I notice the pound? I too, like Blair enjoy going on certain rides in full cross regalia, it shakes up the stuffiness of certain groups I ride with and gets people to lighten up, it's only bike riding.
You should consider his options (used roadie or tire/wheel switch) or if you are giving up on cross maybe you can get a swap in the classifieds.
Blair: keep up the knobby pride
my thoughts were...markmark
Apr 10, 2002 2:03 PM
to make it little more comfortable with a carbon fork. Weight not a concern as it already weighs 20lbs. Just makes sense "for me" to setup it up more for the road since don't have a road bike. And here's why, I did some cross racing for 2 seasons and now hate having to see a nice bike not utilized that much. I doubt I will race cross again, but do enjoy weekend group rides and riding on the BlueRidgePkwy. I am mostly into mtn biking anyway.
Thanks for your thoughts,
I doubt it, but if you try...Ray Sachs
Apr 9, 2002 3:59 AM
go with a set of the long reach (technically known as "standard" reach) caliper brakes that Shimano and Tektro just started making again. I think they have about 10mm more reach than short reach (what you'll find on 99% of all bikes sold today) calipers. Sheldon Brown's site even has a set of REALLY long reach calipers that you might need to try.

That said, I agree with the other posters about keeping it set up for cross. The Poprad has a pretty decent sport touring road geometry as is and I don't see what you gain by going with calipers. I ride mine in road group rides frequently (second set of wheels, higher gears on the cassette) and hang just as well or badly as I do on my dedicated road bikes.