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my achin backJJhelm4321
Mar 23, 2002 6:49 PM
im new to cyclocross racing and plan to race next season,, but im having a little trouble with sizing as i have found most people do,,, I bought a Bianchi axis 01 and really love the bike,, my other bike is a bianchi road alloro, which i think they dont make anymore,,Both are 58 cm bikes, i'll be damned because my road bike feels much better,,Im about six foot, maybe a little taller,, on cyclo bike i feel strenched out and im reaching to far out,, ive had shorter stems tried but i continue to lock my arms,, im not sure if this is becuase i have a long torso and a weak back or if the bike is too big for me,, without shoes i have very little standover height,, but with shoes its about an inch or so,,,is it possible to remedy?? do i have bad riding posture or position possibly??? im confused and would be thankful for any helpful hints or ideas,

re: my achin backmackgoo
Mar 24, 2002 2:28 AM
How does handle bar height to seat compare between the two bikes? How about reach?
re: my achin backJJhelm4321
Mar 26, 2002 8:53 PM
on my older bike the stem is 90 degrees,,the new stem has 15 degrees of rise,, the seat is a little more forward than on my cx bike though,, but not by much,, the reach on my road bike is less too,, my bike was made in 96-7 and im not sure if geometries have changed since then? i went and had my inseam measured and it was about 31- 31.5,, im a little over six feet,, i guess this makes me somewhat of a freak,, after reading the other posts im beggining to think that I should be having more standover height than i originally thought,, i think it would have been wiser to have gone with 56 57 but Bianchi only has the 55 then skips to the 58,, i cant tell if im locking my elbows because of reach or because of my lack of stomach and back strength.. so do you think that its possible to tweek my bike, i want to make sure my bike fits, id rather stomach the cost of swapping out the frame than deal with a size thats too big,,, let me know if im talking out of my ass or if there is hope yet,, thanks
re: my achin backatpjunkie
Mar 26, 2002 10:02 PM
I'm 6'4" with a 34.5" inseam an I ride a 58 cm cross bike.
My guess is your bike is too big. Cross bikes have higher BB height for clearance so 2 bikes (road/cross)of the same size from the same company the cross bike will feel bigger (standover/reach). Cross bikes usually have longer top tubes as well adding to that stretched out feeling. This helps stablize a cross bike when riding offroad. Your road bike may be designed with a short TT for sprinting as well, each mfg. has different specs.
First get saddle height an fore/aft set.Your leg should just be about straight when your heel is on the peal @ full extension. Hang a plumb bob from just below your forward kneecap while clipped in @ the 9/3 o'clock position.It should intersect the pedal axle. Once this is done, you can analyze the stretch of the top tube/stem. In the drops position your knee should be just short of your elbow, or with a slight overlap. Set stem length to achieve this, if you can't, your frame is too large. I figure by your size a
56-57cm x bike is about right.
it keeps getting betterJJhelm4321
Mar 27, 2002 11:23 AM
ok,, ive now come to terms with my very stupid mistake,, how possible would it be to swap out a smaller frame, say a 56, and still keep my componentry,, i like what ive got and dont want to sell the whole bike,, im thinkin Redline Conquest Pro,, does anyone have a ballpark for what i could get for a 01 Bianchi axis pretty much like new,,very few miles,, how much is the 02 or 01 Redline Pro?? any other advice for a frame?? the damn Bianchi manufacturer skips from a 55 to 58?
And in addition to this my fixed gear commuter just got stolen today,, everthings turnin up peachy,,,
it keeps getting betteratpjunkie
Mar 27, 2002 3:20 PM
Go to ebay. There are all kinds of frames and or bikes under cyclocross. There were more a month or two ago as it was the end of the season and lots of people were selling. Also check the want ads here in roadbikereview. Most componetry should swap easily as long as you pick a bike with same headtube/steerer size but most frames come with fork and most stems have a shim for 1". The only thing you may have to swap is the front drailleur as you have to have same seat tube and clamp config, but that is about $30. You can do the assembly yourself if skilled otherwise your LBS will do it for between $75-$100. Bring beer and get a deal.
Also search the web, as many local bike clubs (find one in your area) have classifieds as well. Type in Cyclocross you will be amazed.
If worse comes to worse go to you can order an Empella (What the world champ/Belgian Team rode in Zolder) for about $575 new and they will get the size right. Good Luck Good Hunting
it keeps getting betteratpjunkie
Mar 28, 2002 6:07 PM
on this site alone in the classifieds there are a few 55-56cm frames and or bikes under $700.
There is a 56 cm Specialized frame for $300 and these frames run big. There is also a 55cm Lemond Poprad
for $400 (Lemonds run long so a 55 is similar to most 56's) OBO. There are a couple Redlines and Konas complete for between 600-700 bones and then you could sell yours complete and avoid swapping (unless you are in love with your parts) I ride a 2000 Specialized
CX and it isn't bad for an Aluminum Bike (not too much of a filling rattler) If your roadie is a 58 you should shop between a 55 and 57.
re: my achin backmackgoo
Mar 28, 2002 2:52 AM
What I was getting at is try to get the same geometry as your road bike. What does your top tube plus stem length equal? now try to get that same length with the cross bikes top tube plus stem. You could even shorten the cross bikes length by a cm.
The Axis measurment is Center to top while your Alloro is Center to center, so that Axis is more like a 55 by the center to center measurements.
Try to create the same drop from seat to bar maybe raising the bars a cm from your road set up. These are the "classic" starting points for cross compared to road. Personally I think this is a matter of dialing in your set up. Again use your road bike set up as a start.
Earlier I bought an Axis frame set on E bay for 350$, you would probvably get that but not much more. You say you really like the bike, don't bail until your sure.