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Clydesdale any exist?(4 posts)

Clydesdale any exist?AlphaDog
Mar 19, 2002 10:28 AM
I just wondered how many of you are of the Clydesdale/near Clydesdale weight range?

How do you do in races ?
re: Clydesdale any exist?cx
Mar 20, 2002 1:02 PM
I can be done! I'm about 220 during cross season and I finish mid pack in cat. 4-5 races. No, I'll probably never win, but racing cross is such a great experience it doesn't stop me from racing.
re: Clydesdale any exist?AlphaDog
Mar 20, 2002 9:17 PM
Ok, so it can be done!

Do you normallly ride road or MTB?

I would really like to try Cross....but have little to no experience racing. I have been riding MTB and Road for 10+ years, but have never really cared about training, just in the sport for fun. This year I'm trying to lose some weight and get faster. I thought a goal of some cross races in the fall might help motivation.
Mar 21, 2002 12:06 PM
I'm a gen-yoo-wine fat chick: 5'4" and 150 (down from 170 2 years ago). I race Athena class in duathlons, which is the PC name for the "Fat Chick Category".

I do okay in 'cross races if I do a lot of running prep beforehand. It helps that I'm a pretty strong crit racer, because my tolerance for multiple sprints/accelerations certainly helps in 'cross.

I can finish top 3 if I'm really on my game. Mostly I just suffer. Being short definitely has its disadvantages in the hurdles, but as was mentioned above, 'cross is so much fun (in a twisted sort of way, like peeling scabs) that I don't mind. Much.