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Mavic Ksyrium Elite(5 posts)

Mavic Ksyrium EliteSquibnocket
Mar 19, 2002 10:00 AM

I was just wondering if the Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset would hold up to cyclocross offroad stuff? (I believe is 18 front 20 in the back spokes)
I won't be racing, but just doing road/bike path and offroad single track trails.

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated!

re: Mavic Ksyrium Eliteflyweight
Mar 19, 2002 3:14 PM
Ummm...if you're not racing then what's the point of dropping that much money on a set of wheels?? All you'll accomplish is proving to people how much money you have. If you want to spend a bunch of money on wheels and want some no maintenance wheels get the Mavic Classic SSC.
re: Mavic Ksyrium Elitemackgoo
Mar 19, 2002 5:44 PM
I'm using Shamals, 16 in the rear and 12 in the front. I'm having no problems at all. You should see the crap I ride over on these things. One thing I want to do is photograph my "play ground" this winter to share, but I haven't gotten around to it. I'm about 155. Don't know about the Ksyriums, but I do know spoke count doesn't matter that much.
re: Mavic Ksyrium Eliteatpjunkie
Mar 27, 2002 7:12 PM
You could use that money and buy another cross bike so you could switch bikes in a race that is super muddy. That would be a wiser investment. A wheelset that is the price of a good used x-bike is too extravagant for a typical cross rider. Remember it is not only the impact and ride stress but mud and grime as well. Buy two sets of a more affordable wheel.
re: oops was thinking of the scc'satpjunkie
Mar 28, 2002 12:53 PM
my point still stands. I was thinking of the $800 models not the $500 Elites (which is funny since you'd figure "Elite" would indicate their top of the line). You can still buy a spare bike for that price, just not as nice of one. Build 2 sets of Ultegra/Open Pro's so you can swap them in a muddy race and/or set one up with semislicks, the other with knobbies. They'll serve you better and you won't cry when you taco one trying to bunny hop a hurdle and catch your back wheel on the obstacle sending you in a fan pleasing endo.