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Best rims for cross???(3 posts)

Best rims for cross???turtle
Oct 30, 2001 9:43 PM
What are the best rims for cross racing? I weigh 185 so I want something bomb proof. I was thinking of open pro ceramics. Any thoughts on weither it's worth it to get the ceramic and how long will the breaking surfaces last? 2,3,4 cross seasons along with being road training wheels?

Thanks in advance,

re: Best rims for cross???climbo
Oct 31, 2001 7:21 AM
I'd say open pros would be fine. Most guys (those on a budget) use those or something with a taller profile like the CXP-33's, nothing fancy, good 3x lacings. I've not had a ceramic but I don't think you'd get 4 seasons out of them if you did. I think it would wear out before that, especially using them in cross conditions.
re: Best rims for cross???KV
Oct 31, 2001 8:05 AM
Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a "bomb proof" rim. I agree with climbo. The Open Pros or CXP's should be fine w/3x lacing. As far as ceramic goes...I haven't had any problems with Mavic Ceramic rims. I've been racing them on my MTB's for many years now and haven't had any problems. As a matter of fact, I just built up a pair of the Open Pro Ceramics myself for this race season and they work great.