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Campy 10 on cross bikes(6 posts)

Campy 10 on cross bikesbeeboy
Mar 1, 2002 3:30 PM
Has anyone used Campy 10 speed on there cross bike if so how does it handle the mud? Looking a pics from world champs and everone seemed to be on Shimano.
here ya go.... :)CT1
Mar 1, 2002 6:51 PM
Hard to beat this guy!

Just say NO to Shimano .... ;)
Mar 1, 2002 8:26 PM
there was no mud to be found at Circuit Zolder... Do you know for sure that he runs 10 speed? Dominique Arnoud is a Campy guy, and uses 9 (with a single chainring).
I'm badCT1
Mar 2, 2002 9:24 AM
Put my glasses on and took a look at the cover of Velonews. Yup.... 9 speed Ergo on De Clercq's bike.

I'll have to plead ignorance and old eyes. ;)
I use it on my Colnagolonefrontranger
Mar 2, 2002 12:32 AM
Centaur 10, works like a charm. I've ridden in a lot of ice, snow and mud this year. The first week I built it up, I went through a muddy construction site on purpose, just to see if it would seize up. Clean your bike after a real hog fest and make sure the C-10 chain is properly installed - you'll be fine.

My personal secret weapon is that I keep my cables neat, clean and well lubricated. I've insisted for a long time that most shifting trouble starts due to problems in the housings and/or cables. Everything after that can be blamed on Shimano's wimpy return springs (just kidding). I always install a set of Jagwire wipers on the housings to keep sludge from getting sucked into the works. I first started using these on my old Klein MTB because of the sheer irritation factor of changing out those idiotic plastic internal cable routing sleeves Klein loves so much. I've used the Jagwire stuff on every one of my dirt bikes ever since.

You will also find that Campy levers don't seize up when they get filled with grit like Shimano levers can and will. I endured several instances of completely non-functional shifting that forced me to flush out my old Ultegra STI levers with Tri-Flow after a rain/mud ride on the road or 'cross bike - and having your STI decide to lock up in the middle of a wet race isn't much fun.
re: Campy 10 on cross bikesatpjunkie
Mar 28, 2002 4:11 PM
Putting on a gruppo that costs more than the average cross bike is just plain silly. Unless you are sponsored or silly rich go with something cheaper. Campy 10 wasn't designed to deal with the rigors of that much dirt and grit and having a pit guy hose it off in a hurry, blasting mud into all those swanky Italian parts. Buy Centaur/ Daytona and use all the extra cash to buy back ups. I'd suggest 9 speed as the thicker chain is less likely to break under duress. Shimano MTN 9 and Campy road 10 have both had some problems with chain breakage which would be awful in a race. If you have that kind of scratch to spend, buy 2 bikes and have a friend be your pit man / mechanic (far more impressive on race day than Hi Zoot componetry), even better buy some poor kid a bike.
You'll find cross racers are less likely to eyeball your bike and look down upon you than their roadie brethren. Crossers tend to be the great Frankenbikers of the fold and let's keep it that way.