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Feb 24, 2002 3:56 PM
Learned some thing today I thought I'd pass on. I was investigating why the rear was weaker than the front. I realize the fronts will definately be stronger due to alot of reasons but I felt the rears should be stronger.
At first I thought it was the straddle cable, the front was alot longer. When I set these things up no experience just did it so the front and backs ended up different. Any way that didn't change anything making the stradle cable the same length as the front. Then I started looking further, well the fronts were splayed by about 5.5" while the backs were about 4". Aha I said as the light went off, the arms for the back brakes were almost straight up and down. Not much leverage, so I splayed them to about 6" and man what a world of difference.
They worked fine before but now that back works great, almost as powerfull as the front. One or two fingers on the frogglegs is all I need.