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CX bike for MTB riding?(18 posts)

CX bike for MTB riding?Peter
Feb 19, 2002 6:14 AM
Hello everyone,

I am a general cyclist who commutes to work, rides long light touring rides and also mountain trails. For this, I currently have two bikes / MTB and a beater / however I am considering a single bike replacement for maintenance and storage reasons (the flats are so much smaller here in Europe). Nontheless, I don't want to give up the mountain riding, so road bike are out of consideration. Maybe a CX bike?

Does anyone of you use his CX bike to ride on trails (not racing circuits) in woods that he/she used to ride on MTB. What are CX bike's limitations in the dirt?

Thank you.
no hucking!nm
Feb 19, 2002 6:15 AM
re: CX bike for MTB riding?MJ
Feb 19, 2002 9:09 AM
don't know where you're at in Euroland - but here in SE England most people would be hard pressed to put a mountain bike through any serious paces - I've yet to see any trails around here that aren't doable on a cx bike - anyways if it gets too hairy - you can walk the bike (of course I always shoulder it and run...)

cx for the perefect allrounder - (make sure you get eyelets in your cx frame to keep it tourable and commutable)

there's nothing more satisfying than flying past a group of dual suspension mtbers loaded for bear on the trail

1. serious technical terrain is tough (for me) on my cx bike
2. skinny wheels can be a bit slippy
3. you'll come to look at your mtb. as a tank that's overkill for most riding = it will collect dust
4. higher bottom brackets on some cx frames can make riding offroad more, 'interesting' - but it's an easily acquired taste
5. no suspension can be tiring for a long trail ride - you take more of a beating

it sounds perfect for what you're after

for a good Euro custom steel cx frame try
I domuncher.
Feb 19, 2002 9:40 AM
Lots. MJ has it pretty much nailed. I'd add that the differences are that I am slower over the more technical stuff than on my MTB, but faster over the flats, and faster up most hills. I rarely ride the MTB now unless I want a real comfy fairly slow recovery ride, or I want the extra weight work-out (usually riding with someone slower). CX and 2 pairs of wheeels and you have a great all-rounder.
CX bike for MTB riding?buffalosorrow
Feb 19, 2002 11:14 AM
A group of MTB'ers invited me to come along with them on sunday mountain trail rides this spring, I am going to try it!

I can not imagine any problems, that I can not hop off my bike and throw over my shoulder. Try that with a F/S bike.

Just as mentioned above I would think:

Faster on flats and climbs.
Perhaps as little slower on the rocky decents.
All around fun and lots of remarks wether you do well or
you can always tweak your CX bikePablo
Feb 19, 2002 3:07 PM
with flat bars or dirt drops, V-brakes, the fattest 700c tires you can find, and gearing to suit your hills, and you're pretty mountain-ready.

When I first thought about a cross bike, I read all the reviews and was amazed at all the folks who bought one and both their road and mountain bikes began collecting dust. I like my LeMond Poprad but have to admit it hasn't been off-road as much as I'd like.

You can also go crazy and get a singlespeed cyclocross!
and it would be a full rigid 29"er!!!nm
Feb 19, 2002 3:36 PM
CX bike for MTB riding? Yup.allroads
Feb 19, 2002 3:32 PM
If you are careful in selecting your 'cross frame you can do quite a lot with it. Try to find something with a lot of tire clearance (45mm+ would be ideal) and a lowish bottom bracket. I've been using WTB 44/44 Mutanoraptors on my bike and they are really nice. Having a second set of wheels helps (one for road). You can do a lot on a cross bike and the looks you get from hardcore mtber's is priceless.

CX bike for MTB riding? Yup.peter in NVA
Feb 19, 2002 7:11 PM
I ride my CX bike on trials here in Virginia that I used to ride my mountain bike on. I find it much more interesting and challenging, and in the true cross spirit, I don't feel quilty picking up my bike for logs, etc. I'm much faster up
hills because of the higher gearing (can't go slower!), but long climbs would be tough. I used to mountain bike the fire roads outside Los Angeles where a typical ride would be a 4500 ft vertical climb in 8 miles, sandy and impossible on CX without lowering the gearing-bascially re-inventing my first rigid mountain bike.
Fat tyresStampertje
Feb 21, 2002 4:08 AM
What kind of rims do you use to fit such a wide tyre? Or will they fit on any road rim?
re: CX bike for MTB riding?kenny
Feb 19, 2002 10:41 PM
i just put together a 2001 trek xo-1 modified with a sweet set of bontrager select wheelset,titec big al stem,titec carbon post ,bontrager racelite saddle,ultegra cranks and rear derailer,bontager cross bars,etc.. this bike is awsome and weighs 20.9 lbs,i use this as my primary bike as i got burned out on my mtb (10) years 3-4 long rides a week,i use this on all my rides here in so cal ,it is a little tuff on the long climbs(if it does not kill u it will make u stronger) otherwise it flat flies,& it is so funny to see the look's on mtb riders faces when u sail by !!
I ride mostly dirt on my CX...Mitch2
Feb 21, 2002 11:38 AM
There are some nice long fire road climbs here in Los Angeles and it is so perfect for my CX bike. Mine is mostly build up w/ MTB groupo w/ the widest tires that would fit my frameset. A lot of people think I am nuts doing it but who needs a full suspension on fire roads? Now I see a bunch of other guys riding CX in the mountains.

Venice Beach, Ca
Where in LA?peter in NVA
Feb 21, 2002 4:34 PM

Thinking of bringing my CX bike out to LA on vacation this summer. What fireroads have you found suitable? I used to
ride the Mt.Wilson Toll Road a lot, but thats way too steep.
Chino hills?
One possibilityThe Walrus
Feb 22, 2002 11:37 AM
Try "Dirt Mulholland", the approx. 8-mile unpaved stretch of Mulholland Drive that runs between Encino and Woodland Hills. The only really steep ascents are mercifully short, and often preceded by equally steep descents; otherwise, the climbing is not too extreme. It's a pretty fast ride, and as a bonus, there is access to other trails (Rustic Canyon, Topanga State Park, etc.) that will easily extend things to "epic" proportions.
Where in LA?Mitch2
Feb 22, 2002 7:22 PM

It is in Santa Monica. The climb starts in Sullivan canyon and bisects Dirt Mulholland and from there you can head out to the Hub or the Backbone trail to Will Rogers State Park. Only did that once on my CX and that was insane:)Let me kno when you are heading out here.
Where in LA?peter in NVA
Feb 23, 2002 10:25 AM
Thanks Mitch

Let you know when I'm coming out. I must have ridden
the Backbone trail about 12 years ago with a rigid Ritchey
P-22! Might be fun to try it with one with even skinner tires.
Just give a shout...Mitch2
Feb 25, 2002 6:27 AM

Let me know when you are here. It's more than fun ridng it out here. It's a total blast! Actually there still one guy I saw out here who rides a rigid P-22 and that looks like fun.( Could be my next prokect bike)

Venice Beach, Ca
re: CX bike for MTB riding?Ray
Feb 23, 2002 7:32 AM
Add me to the list of folks who could easily get by with just a cross bike and an extra set of wheels. I used to have a nice cross-country full suspension mtb. I got a Poprad about a year ago and sold the MTB about two months later. I ride the cross bike on all but the craziest single track. I get off and carry the bike for major rock gardens and big logs and drops, but it handles fairly rough descents much better than I thought it would. And it's so much lighter and faster everywhere else, it was a no brainer. If you like really technical riding, it's not the best choice, but it's great for most smooth and semi technical trails.

I had a standard drive mtb triple put on the bike right away for the steep off-road stuff - I wouldn't be able to ride a lot of it with a double. It's my second favorite road bike too. I could easily get by with it alone.