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Kelly CX bike?(4 posts)

Kelly CX bike?Mike the Snake
Feb 11, 2002 10:47 AM
Has anyone out there ridden the Kelly CX bike? I am riding a Kona right now, but am looking at steel frames because I put alot of road miles in and the Kona is a bit buzzy on rough pavement. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Here you go!Steve-O
Feb 11, 2002 11:21 AM
I just built up a Kelly about 3 weeks ago. So far I've been pretty pleased with it. I decided on a Kelly after riding a Jake the Snake and a Bianchi Axis. Both of these frames are aluminum and seemed to beat me up pretty good on test rides. I looked at IF but couldn't justify the costs in comparision to Kelly, Curtlo, Gunnar, etc...

As for the bike its all True Temper OX Platinum which tends to make it a little stiffer then similar 853 bikes (IMHO). The paint and welds seem to be pretty good and I really like the straight blade style fork. Most of my miles have been on paved roads but I have gotten in some time on some jogging trails and a little mud. The bike is very quick and responsive. The seat/chainstays are a little bigger diameter then other CX bikes I've looked at so the rear end is pretty stiff. One strange thing about the Kelly CX frames is that the factory guy I worked with recommended mountain bike cranks over road cranks. They claim that the mountain bike cranks give them more clearance on the chainstay which allows for wider stays (more tire clearance) and less chainsuck. Note that their kit options on the Kelly website use LX, XT, etc.

All and all I'm pretty happy with the bike but I probably won't really "know" it until I get some more miles in.
re: Kelly CX bike?cxking
Feb 12, 2002 10:18 AM
I got one for this past season and I have been very happy with it. I have had no problem using road cranks(Dura Ace 44/39). One monor problem I did have is with the fork. It is important to set up the front brake to be smooth and not grabby. Under hard braking I experienced massive vibrations to the point of losing control. I was able to fix the problem by ditching the stock Avid pads and replacing them with some Eagle CLaws. I don't think the brand really matters as long as the brake post is off center and you toe in the pads. My frame is a 63cm wich is part of the problem. On a steel frame of that size I really feel the should be speced with a 1" 1/8 steerer. One I got the bugs works out I am very pleased with the ride quality over the Cannondale I use as my spare. I raced it all season in all conditions. Mud clearence is excellent I did not change bikes at Nationals(6th place) which was one of the muddiest I have done. Mine is the Kelly Green with orange stickers.
re: Kelly CX bike?Rem
Feb 19, 2002 6:20 PM
I got a Kelly knobby-X last fall with disc brakes. I'm very happy with the bike. It replaces both my Bianchi Axis and my TI road frame. I really love the fit and the ride. The only thing I didn't care for was the take-offs which I am replacing with STI levers.