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Stem, handlebar and tire recommendations....(9 posts)

Stem, handlebar and tire recommendations....SS_MB-7
Feb 10, 2002 12:45 PM
I'm building up a new singlespeed 'cross/fixed-gear frameset and would like your recommendations for a stem, handlebar and tire. The bike will be used for commuting to work (fixed), training (fixed) and 'cross riding/racing (free).

With regards to the stem and handlebar, I'm looking for something relatively light. I'm only 130lbs, so would something in the ~150g and ~230g for the stem and handlebar by OK? In particular, I'm eyeing the TTT Zepp stem (130g) and TTT Prima 199 (200g) handlebar. Would these be up to 'cross abuse? Any other stem/bar recommendations?

Lastly, what tires would you recommend for fairly technical riding. I've read good things about the Michelin Muds. Any others I should consider?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
Stem, handlebar and tire recommendations....buffalosorrow
Feb 10, 2002 4:54 PM
On my SS cylcocross I am using Salsa'a bell lap cyclocross bars 42cm c-c (44cm c-c on my geared cross) these bars are my fav, the drops flare out and offer balance. Regarding the stem I got a good price on a ITM big one copy, light, not to beefy, no flex for me, as a light weight @ 135lbs. For the northeast light trials and road, I have found that the Vittoria tigre cross 27cc are a bit soft, they wore down on the road, the michelins sprints are wider that they claim and are sluggish but performance is good off road. I have heard that the michelins are prone to punctures, I have had good luck besides a pinch on the vittorias this afternoon. I would like to try the Tufo clincher 28cc diamond tread in front and back and a 30cc tufo knobby as a spare for messy days, trails and racing.
Salsa Bell LapssoulFire
Feb 11, 2002 1:28 PM
I have a pair of 46's on my converted Bonty CX SS. Great leverage with plenty of room on the tops and hoods. Used to use WTB Off Road drops - great in the drops, but way narrow on tops and hoods for me to get "comfortable" (IMHO).
I run a Specialized TriCross II 41c in front (works good at low pressures on West Coast hardpack) and a Ritchey Trail Mix 35c in back cuz it's the biggest I could fit with some clearance for occasional clay goo ( runs fast and not too noisy on road). I ride lots of rutted, semi-rocky trails with this setup. Smokes fire roads.

Another vote for Bell Lapspauly
Feb 12, 2002 5:28 AM
I liked them so much on my CX bike I put a set on my fixed gear roadie. Nice and wide for good leverage honkin' up the hills. Both bikes have classic Salsa stems as well.
re: Stem, handlebar and tire recommendations....swede162
Feb 12, 2002 11:11 AM
I'm also building up cross single speed/fixed. I am taking the more beater route however. I found an old Fuji touring bike at a swap with horizontal rear drops and a bolt-on rear deraillure hanger (perfect for a single speed conversion). I plan on buying the handle bars and stem from Nashbar. Nashbar has a 7005 Al. bar that comes in a 50cm width. I figure for single speeding, the wider the better (and hey, for $10.00 the price is right). For the tires I plan on running 35mm Kenda Kwicks for grass and 35 mm Kenda Kross Supremes for dirt. I realize that they are not the lightest set of tires. But they are cheaper, and I figure that I will be able to ride more agressively on nastier terrain than if I were to run narrower tires.
OK, now what about bar tape? What should I get?NM
Feb 12, 2002 12:07 PM
beater route....buffalosorrow
Feb 12, 2002 4:51 PM
If you are going beater route.... I would ask around, friends, message board ect... recycle is where beater bikes are. Unfortunatly I dont have any spare bars wider that 42cm.
But if you need a wheelset, a nothing fancy mallard track hubs 126mm and rigida rims, vittoria tires is avialable. Also I have a white vetta seat, campy record front hub 36 hole. 10cm quill no name stems. Some people are willing to unload spare parts for trade or shipping only.

re- bar tape. I use cork cinelli/ colnago. but on my motobecane I picked up some synthetic ambrosio tape, not bad.

beater route....swede16
Feb 13, 2002 6:11 AM
I am interested in the track wheelset; but to spare the forum of this, please e-mail me at with further details.

I bought those bars..Carl Mega
Feb 13, 2002 10:16 AM
same reason as you - wide and cheap. I went with the 48cm more out of compromise and fear since I know nothing about roadie bars sizing. I'm still in the MTB mindset wanting 27'' bars but these are definately wide and I think help in the SSing aspect. I have some fit problems (lots of reasons) and the drops on the bars are definately not perfect but I keep telling myself "$10, $10, $10".