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Tubular wheel recommendation(4 posts)

Tubular wheel recommendationbuffalosorrow
Feb 9, 2002 3:41 PM
I am looking into a tubular wheelset for racing. Although the Zipp from cyclocrosswold and Fir's look appealing, I don't have that much to spend. I have been able to find a great deal on a Campagnolo Shamal set (are they strong enough?). And considered Mavic CXP 33, Sun CX and Salsa's rims.

Seems from photos pro's ride the Zipp's or Fir's.
re: Tubular wheel recommendationmackgoo
Feb 10, 2002 5:55 AM
I've been running an older set Of Shamal Titaniums. The diference is the Ti spokes VS the regular set. Any way although I don't race I have been putting them through their paces. These dirt roads and trails I been riding k
have sections of up hills that are just littered with half burried large stones small rocks, as well faily large erossion pot holes and ripples as well as tree roots. I would say so far they have been subjected to 10 hrs of this type of environment with no going out of true so far. I'm about 155#'s. It would seem these are holding up well. So for the rigors of racing I think they would hold up well, I'm not sure on their weight but I think it's respectable. The only draw back I can see is you do adjust the spokes from the inside, meaning you must remove the tire. Which is no big deal really but not as convenient as a conventional wheel. I have been running Zipps on my road bike although I went to Shamals on that too because of the cross wind interferance with the deep Vee's. The Zipps are an excellent wheel also. After using the Shamals off raod I am gaining a great respect for the strength of road rims and sort of chuckle when I see a post questioning the strength of a certain wheel.
You may want to check E bay. The Zipps are sort of hard to find with Campy rears but do come up. I was looking for 340's but the Shamals came up first. The Zipps have been going for about 300$ I got the Shamals for 200$ and virtually brand new.
I've heard the Firs are made by Zipp. I've also heard Shamals/Ventos were made by Fir.
Zipp with campy bodies/ Campy with shimano bodiesbuffalosorrow
Feb 10, 2002 7:17 AM
I have heard that if you run eight speed the axel spacing is the same between shimano and campagnolo. Making finding a wheelset a bit easier. Or at least I can run shimano eight bodies/ cogset with my campy chorus 8spd ergo levers.

The shamal wheelset I found has shimano bodies.Odd but true.

Other note has a sale on used team frames (empella) and wheelsets (Zipp's w/ DA, $500).

Zipp with campy bodies/ Campy with shimano bodiesmackgoo
Feb 10, 2002 9:40 AM
A good place to make sure of that is Dig into their Campy section and you can find that info. It may be true the cog spacing is the same on 8sp I don't know. I do think the free hub bodies are different so you can't put Campy cogs on a Shimano body and vice versa, The axle spacing for everything is of course 130mm.