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Feb 2, 2002 2:26 PM
Finaly went for a real ride today, not just a shake down stroll around the block. Had a blast it felt good to get out and pedal again. Took the bike on some hard pack dirt roads in the state forest in the area. I was surprised how comfortable it is to be blasting on the tops, also felt very secure. I sort of wish I had a way to shift up there. The only problem I had was the bars weren't as tight as they should have been and there were alot of wash board and pot holes, my bars rotated down some because at first I was on the hoods alot. My seat stayed up, I'm using a Salsa Q.R. and wasn't sure with the brake hanger and all if I got the seat clamp tight enough but It apears it is. Also the Shamals held up well, we'll see how long before they need attention. The brakes worked excellent. Won't be hitting any trees here, at least not because of the brakes.