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More Sizing Questions - Road to Cyclocross adjustmentsEvanG
Feb 2, 2002 6:46 AM
I have about two years of road riding experience and am looking to get a used cyclocross bike. My primary justification will be to use it in a couple off road triathlon and adventure races that I do. In addition, I hope to maybe get my feet wet in a cyclocross race or two next fall.

I ride a 55 cm Bianchi Campione (fitted by an expert) that I am extremely pleased with so I would like to use it as the basis for determining a reasonable size for a cyclocross bike. I have read varying "rules" for how to adjust the sizing--moving down 1-2 cm, etc. I am assuming the two most critical measurements are top tube and standover height. Is this correct? If so, how much should I change these from my road bike measurements to get a correct fit and how much margin of error is there? I don't mind changing out a a thing or two, I just want to make sure I have a frame I can work with. Thanks for your help.