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cyclocross shoesarizona
Jan 29, 2002 3:43 AM
I am looking to purchase a pair of cyclocross shoes, What mfg. for quality and where to buy.
Thanks, Input appreciated
cx shoe = mtb shoe, hundreds to choose from (nm)climbo
Jan 29, 2002 6:32 AM
re: cyclocross shoesjrm
Jan 29, 2002 4:06 PM
Light, but stiff MTB sheos work for me on both the CX and MTB. Ive found a good fit with the Sidi Dom 2.

brand really depends on individual fit more than anything else.
Northwaves and Sidi (Five stars)buffalosorrow
Jan 29, 2002 6:30 PM
I have a pair of northwave comp act's cyclocross specific, NW no longer has this model in their line up, they have been replaced with a winter 'Grizzly' model, a boot version with a high cut water tight membrane. Sidi makes a similar model, both are boot cut and have extra insulation.
Both receive great praise and all models. Hence made in Italy. My northwaves have lasted hard riding, commuting and some messengering. (The heel started to lift off and I glued it back, not a problem).

As far a a good deal you have to look around, I picked up my NW's from Nashbar on sale two years ago for under $100 and a second pair of NW team mtb used from, great deal!


Just some fair warning: Try on the shoes at a shop first! A fit that allows for some foot sweeling is perfect. And finaly
all the companies have some odd non-conruent sizing systems.
I wear a 43.5 in Northwaves and a 44.5 or 44 Wide in Sidi's.

good to know-thanks!arizona
Jan 30, 2002 4:33 AM
Northwave Griz on Sale @ Nashbartriangleforge
Feb 1, 2002 2:47 PM
Nashbar has the Northwave Grizzly on sale at a very attractive price ($80 something, I believe), but alas not in my size -- I think they've got them in sizes below 41 and above 45...