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tubulars or clinchers(2 posts)

tubulars or clinchersgary
Jan 24, 2002 9:18 PM
What is the general consensus on using tubulars over clinchers? Are they that much smoother?
re: tubulars or clinchersmackgoo
Jan 25, 2002 4:48 AM
I just went back to tubs on my road bike this year. Contrary to what you may hear they are very easy to work with, but let me warn you STAY AWAY FROM THE TUBASTI RIM CEMENT this stuff is white and if you use it particularly the first time ever gluing a tub you may go back to clinchers, this stuff is awfull. I have found the cheapest tub is as good as the most expensive clincher I have gotten roads for 20-25 bucks.
I have also gone with tubs on my cross bike but don't have alot of experince there. Right now all I have had are the Tufo diamond tread, I got them for 25-30 bucks. have excellent price's. You definately will never get a pinch flat with a tub. I suppose theoretically at low pressures the tire may roll of the rim, but I say theoretically. Personally I'm not concerned about it.