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Worlds predictions anyone?(19 posts)

Worlds predictions anyone?bn
Jan 23, 2002 2:58 PM
It's a bit early, but I say the mens elite will end up a Belgian sweep. The only question is who is on the podium and what order. I think Nijs must be the favorite, followed closely by Vervecken. Wellens and De Clercq will battle for bronze, along with Groenendaal the lone Dutch hope (payback time for 2000?). I guarantee Pontoni will not medal.

Womens race will probably go to Kupfernagel again, with little VDB getting another silver. Too bad, it would have been interesting to see Bessette and Hanka go at it. I hope Anne Grande scores a podium finish. Last year's Worlds and Nats this year were a bummer and Dunlap has already gotten her props this season.
re: Worlds predictions anyone?Velocipedio
Jan 23, 2002 4:18 PM
RE: I guarantee Pontoni will not medal.

Considering that he won't be there, I'd say that's a safe bet.
Jan 23, 2002 6:17 PM
you're pretty smart!
re: Worlds predictions anyone?Setzer
Jan 24, 2002 3:52 AM
I hope Groenendaal will win( a little dutch pride here) but in his current form, I'm not sure. If he gets himself together in time, and doesn't start punching belgiums again, he might do well. Also de Knegt is someone to watch, he's the new Dutch National champ and when he is in shape he might pull the trick. Nijs, Vervecken will be a safe bet for a poduimplace.

For the woman you might be right although I hope Daphny will win.

We'll see next weekend, will be watching the TV all the time. As I think the will broadcast live, in between the royal wedding taking place on saturday. But then again I can always watch the belguims broadcasting.

BN hope you have a great time there, you were coming over right?

Jan 24, 2002 6:57 AM
Yup, I'll be there... I too will be rooting for Daphny, but the recent results are not promising. VDB lost once and won twice (by just a few seconds) vs. Hanka earlier in the year (I think this was when HK was just getting back to racing), and HK just crushed everyone else at the recent WC (don't think VDB raced, might be "hiding out").

Hey, ever get pics of your shop jersey? And what's the weather going to be like?
Setzer here..Setzer
Jan 24, 2002 12:15 PM
Great, I'm not. But then again I can kick back, lay on the couch and watch it on the tele :) . As far as he weather, at the moment it's kinda sh*tty, rain & strong winds. So bring,or buy an umbrella also warm clothes might be a good idea, there aren't So Cal temps at the moment. It's about 10 degrees Celsius max.
About VDB, I haven't seen any WC lately, been busy with school finishing stuff for my first semester. We'll see what happens.

I dug up the best pic I could find of me wearing the shop jersey. This is the one, it was taking right after the annual isostar beachrace held here in Holland. It's a 56km race on the beach. One big loop, loads of topriders, mtb aswell as roadracers, and many recreational riders. Also not so good for bikeparts.

I was glad it was over, I really hate beachracing but always seem to sign up each year. But it's a good way of ending the MTB season.
Oh, and I know the gloves don't match the jersey.
wow, Isostar!bn
Jan 24, 2002 12:35 PM
harkens back to the Panasonic days... but I am sure you are too young to remember.

Nice looking jersey. A 56km race on the beach sounds pretty tough!
wow, Isostar!Setzer
Jan 25, 2002 11:18 AM
Uhmmm, was that with Theunisse and those delta frames?
Athough I'm from the seventies ;-), the mid-eighties are somewhat clearer in memory. But reporters in Holland are always talking about the past in between the covering of the Tour De France. So I pick up stuff once in a while. Not always recalling them in the right order, though.

And check the reply to JG about the race, it was difficult this year. Last year was even worse though, going to the turning point I clocked speeds of 40, 45 km per hour, on the beach! We has a strong back wind.

wow, Isostar!bn
Jan 26, 2002 6:19 AM
Yup, Hiawatha was Gert's nickname. I think he was coaching Bart Brentjens not long ago.

Setzer, can I email you? Might be interested in picking up some Mammoetteam stuff. Can you be reached via the shop?
Know ya history...Setzer
Jan 26, 2002 11:36 AM
Theunisse is Brentjes brother in law. He used to be his trainer. Now Brentjes is coached by Muller, the speedskating coach I believe.

Anyway, you can drop me a line on . I'll be at shop on some days next week, don't what you're plan is. If you come round then I'll be in on the day you want the come by. I'm free from school and some cash is always handy so I was planning to work a couple of days anyway.
Email me and let me know what you're plans are OK.

My beachrace in 2000Jan_Gerrit
Jan 26, 2002 8:15 AM
That year was a real killer, 9 Bft tailwinds after the start.
Boiling adrenaline.
starting pretty up front in the group behind the pro's.
I went nuts, the pro's in sight (passed some mayor Rabo dudes)

After 2km I already cursed myself for getting only a 44-12 as biggest gear. "slowly" I got up to pace, settling around 55 km/u, and joining a group for 12th position. I just followed 5-10 metres behind, for safety.

Crowd on the beach, fishermen with huge pole, and surfers.

Slalom at 55km/h and maybe 125+ rpm, which was about the pain threshold, especially with the cold.

I was totally unprepared that day, had done like zero training kms, but really went at it that first half. Average at halfway point : some 45km/u, including some slow bits leaving the beach...

Just before leaving the beach halfway I decided to do so as the first of the group, because of my bad running skills. So I sped up to 60km/u and found myself keeping that pace with pedals still. I passed the group, and the speedo didn't fall back. I should have intervalled all the way! The high rpm was a killer, and only shortly sustainable, but small sprints would have kept speed up more perhaps.

Way back is simple : CRAMPS. Got passed by some 100-140 riders, coulnd't follow any of them. Ate sand due to cramps, had to get rid of them to go on. Not fun, don't
want to go through that too often, bad for the muscles.
Speedo said 10-15km/h...

Next time with such strong SounthWest winds, I'll get myself a road triple crankset, to reach higher speeds. (Or a 29" bike with 44/12)
It was not about strength, but about enduring the pain of high rpm.

This week I tested my max. speed in 44/12 with tailwinds, couldn't get by 62,2km/h, the max rpm I would take. So imagine doing 55km/h for 40+ minutes...

How about beachracing outside Holland/Belgium?
ahhh, the 2000 editionSetzer
Jan 26, 2002 11:24 AM
You forgot the dogs running in front of your bike.

I passed Leontien van Moorsel twice! Although I missed the part where she passed the first time.
She was covered by a pack of people trying the congratulate her with her gold medals in the Olympics,
going 40km/h.

The walking is what I hate most in the race. Also the stupid part where you have walk the sandy horsepath.
Creating a 200 metres+ detour. A senseless detour.

But we'll see what this year will bring us.

You mean actually walk that horsepath?Jan_Gerrit
Jan 26, 2002 2:08 PM
With nice and low pressure tires, and some technique, I rode the first part, saves some energie. I don't recall any dogs.
Okay, that sounded a bit too smart-axedJan_Gerrit
Jan 26, 2002 2:14 PM
It's just that I HATE walking through sand, so I only stop biking when I fall. You never know how far you get if you don't try.
That year I tried before the start to get to the waterline without dismounting at the boulevard, and it worked. Helped me catch quite a few bikers right there in the race.

That's so cool to ride with Leontien! I don't think she really likes beachraces, it's just to please the sponsors. She happens to win, but I guess she just does the ride and no go at it full speed. I know that she'll beat the crap out of me in:
-all track disciplines
-anything on a bike on-road actually.

She's quite something, don't you all think?
Setzer how did you do there?Jan_Gerrit
Jan 25, 2002 3:25 AM
I missed the last episode, was ill but did ride to go see the finish.
Will be attending next year, I have a mission : to once win that darned race. Well, top-ten is more realistic, with all these Olympic champs and Tour de France legends at the start...

Here in Holland, three is one annual Beach race in March, part of our competition. Not all racers start there, but it´s lotta fun. That is, if you don´t get caught by the cold weather like me both times. I ended up totally collapsing and fighting with the real backmarkers. On both occasions I somehow (cold) missed 30bpm, that is over 110W for me. Hope for a change of luck in 2 months.
Well where...Setzer
Jan 25, 2002 11:06 AM
shall I start. Going to Noordwijk no prob, on the way back however we had a full blown head on wind, In the dunes my legs decide to totally cramp up when I was taking a break and decided to stretch my legs a little. Then there were some idiots trying to ride in a "pack", so I thought ok I'll join, but then they are unable to take over. Or better they let me take the lead and do nothing.
The beach was in really bad condition, it was mushy and very narrow.
Besides this it was fun. I was 388 of 900+ or something like that. It took me 2.39hr to complete.
I really don't like beachraces, it's kinda boring. I like tech mtb courses more. But I will do the Isostar again this year(addictive?). BTW are you riding the regiocomps this year? I will maybe I'll see you there.

Well where...Jan_Gerrit
Jan 26, 2002 7:57 AM
Ouch, cramps are never nice, have had a lot of those in beachraces. Will prepare better next times, taking lots of magnesium pills in the weeks before.
Regional races are often not my stule of riding, and I seem to really suck at them, in summer that is, I won some winter ones. May do a few if it doesn't conflict with national riding.
Yeah - me to win....Muncher.
Jan 24, 2002 7:30 AM
due to a thrilling, record-breaking last lap, when a glorious victory is secured by, for the first time ever, jumping 2 barriers in a single bound, and soaring majestically through the tape in a cloud of admiration and titanium....

Aaah! Eh? Euurgh! Wazzat? Wazzup? Ah, eh-herm, must have drifted off for a moment there - where'd all that dribble on my shirt come from....
watchoo been muchin' on???nfm-
Jan 24, 2002 8:14 AM