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intergrated headset problems on my empella(2 posts)

intergrated headset problems on my empellaelliot
Jan 23, 2002 11:08 AM
the head set on my empella bonfire dosen`t want to play ijust cant seem to get the tension right any ideas on help would be thankfully recieved. Elliot
re: intergrated headset problems on my empellaBAM
Jan 25, 2002 5:28 AM
Is it too tight or too loose? If it is tight even after loosening the adjuster bolt then loosen it again and pull down on the fork, now try tightening it to where you want it. Remember that the headset wedges together and sometimes needs to be yanked loose before adjusting. If it is too loose and will not tighten down any further then remove the top cap and check if the steerer tube is already bottoming out on the top cap. If so add another spacer , there should be a small gap between the steerer and top cap to allow the fork to be tighted (ie move up closer to the top cap). If you have a tight spot when the handlebar is turned 90 degrees but is fine at any other angle it maybe the headset itself. Cheaper headsets seem to have this problem esp Cane Creek (all models)- which could very likely be that your head tube needs to be properly faced. Or the worse case senario the head tube is distorted and is distorting the headset. In any event find a good bike shop and let them take a crack at it if you still can`t get it right.